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The Office: Through the Ages

The setting for the BBC Two comedy series The Office is everything we dread about offices; colourless, cramped and stuffy spaces where the atmosphere is as flat as the colour scheme.

But despite the tedium we’ve come to associate with offices, they’ve been the source of some of the most utopian ideas and sentiments about working life, says Nikil Saval, …

a3+ paper stack

What Size Is A3+ and A4+ Paper?

The A paper series is one of the most commonly used sizing standards around the world and based on the international ISO 216 standard. This paper format starts from the large base size A0, to the smallest size A13. Two of the most popular and well-known paper sizes are A4 and A3 – but what exactly makes A4+ …

The Best Monochrome Laser Printers

Choosing a new monochrome laser printer for the office can seem like an intimidating task, with so many options out there and a huge range of additional features to consider. No matter what your specific requirements are, when you’re buying a printer for a business it’s important to choose a model that’s economical, easy to use, and fast. This ensures …

Man teaching 4 children

How Schools Can Benefit from a Printer Upgrade This Term

With teaching styles and demands changing every day, one thing that needs to remain consistent is the quality of technology in schools.

As ever-increasing importance is placed on technology being used for lessons, interactive whiteboards, tablets and school printers need to prove reliable.

Regular planning and weighty school reports can put even the most powerful equipment through their paces, but …