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Google Cloud Print Shut Down

As of the beginning of 2021, Google Cloud Print is officially no more. Google announced last year that its wireless cloud printing service would be deprecated on 31st December 2020. It’s now a defunct service and no device on any operating system can use it.

If you relied on Google Cloud Print in your business, you might feel at …


Are you suffering from work overload?

Do you ever find your workload so huge that you must delve into your free time to complete it all?

Well you’re not alone, as it turns out that almost three quarters of us Brits are so overwhelmed by their work capacity, that they put in an additional 180 hours of work free of charge.

To break down this figure, …

Epson Kindle Fire Compatibility Heats Up

Epson have entered the e-book printing arena with the announcement of their plans to support mobile printing for several of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets and digital readers.

One of Epson’s chief mobility heads was quoted as saying,  “Amazon just gave mobile productivity a huge boost, enabling Kindle Fire users to go beyond leisure and entertainment and use their tablets to …