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Are you suffering from work overload?

Do you ever find your workload so huge that you must delve into your free time to complete it all?

Well you’re not alone, as it turns out that almost three quarters of us Brits are so overwhelmed by their work capacity, that they put in an additional 180 hours of work free of charge.

To break down this figure, …

40% of employees believe their boss is overpaid

Do you believe that your boss is paid more than they deserve? Well you’re not alone, as almost half of the working population believe that their employers are overpaid.

We discovered that 40% of employees share this view in our latest survey, which shows that respondents in the North-East are most aggrieved by their boss’ salary.

As well as being …


Epson Announces New Violet Ink

Helping users achieve even more accurate and photo-realistic prints, Epson have announced some of their upcoming printers will feature a violet ink. A selection of the manufacturer’s SureColor printers will incorporate the innovative new ink colour as part of a 10 ink offering.

The SC-P7000 and SC-P9000 are set to feature the violet ink, which Epson says will help them …