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What Is An LED Printer & How Do They Work?

Printers aren’t all the same. There are several main technologies used in printers, both for domestic and commercial use, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The two main types of printer which most people are familiar with are inkjet and laser printers. The third type, which we’ll be focusing on today, is the lesser known LED printer.…

2014’s Most Popular Printers

2014 has been a great year for printing so far. This Printerland round up of our best-selling printers will list the 5 hottest models to consider when purchasing your next printer.


In terms of a top performing A4 Colour Printer, you can’t get much better than the OKI C511DN. With 26ppm Colour print speeds, Automatic Double Sided Printing …

Infographic: Paperless Offices Still a Long Way Off….

A recent survey conducted by OKI Systems UK shows that workers are using printers in the office for personal use, making it more and more difficult for companies to keep control of their print budgets.

OKI’s own range of LED laser printers are designed with cost control in mind, with some of the most budget-conscious machines on the market to …