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What Is An LED Printer?

Printers aren’t all the same. There are several main technologies used in printers, both for domestic and commercial use, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The two main types of printer which most people are familiar with are inkjet and laser printers. The third type, which we’ll be focusing on today, is the lesser known LED printer.…


There’s nothing more frustrating than having your logos, proposals or photos print in the wrong colour. Vibrant reds that become orange, or deep blues that skew purple, are among the many branding problems that UK businesses encounter when printed proofs do not match the colour images that appear on their computer screens.

Typically businesses involved with photography, web development or …

OKI’s LED Printing Technology

You may think that use of LED (Light Emitted Diode) technology is a relatively new addition to many leading manufacturing industries.

You would be correct in realising that LED technology has taken on a more prominent, recognisable role within modern technology, however OKI was a pioneering figure in development of LED technology and introduced its first LED based printer as …