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Laser Printers

Laser printers are the perfect choice for all businesses looking for the highest print quality and fastest print speeds in order to maximise productivity in the workplace. Laser printers are ideal for small offices up to enterprise level businesses and help to keep long term print costs down.

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701 matching products

Laser Printers

Producing high quality and high clarity text and image prints quickly and efficiently, laser printers have long been the preferred choice of many businesses which rely heavily upon printed output. At Printerland, we stock a wide range of cheap laser printers from the best loved and most respected manufacturers in the world including Xerox, Samsung, Lexmark, Brother and more.

With machines starting from as little as £40 and including features such as wireless and network connectivity, we stock the best laser printers to suit all budgets and requirements. Well suited to home and office environments, our range of machines can help you complete a wide range of printing tasks.

Office Laser Printers

Here are Printerland, we know that the daily operations of a business depend majorly on their resources. Without great quality supplies, how can you ensure a smooth process for your clients?

Because network laser printers are used primarily for business operations, our machines allow businesses to share the device internally across their computer network; allowing everyone working within the business to access the machine.

We are able to provide office laser printers for any business; helping you to complete a wide range of tasks from managing workflow to printing professional documents.

Because these kinds of printers save money on the cost of purchasing multiple cartridges they save money on your printing habits in the long-term. Designed to be simple and quick, our high quality laser printers can help you to print a high volume of files accurately and quickly.

If you are still struggling to find the product which is best for you and your home office or business, contact us FREE on 0800 840 1992 and let our experienced team advise on the best device for your needs.

Laser Printer Glossary

  • Double sided printing in Laser Printers, often available as an automatic function to print on both sides of a page without user intervention
  • An abbreviation which is applied to inks and toners. Stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Printers mix these colours together in order to create every colour available.
  • This term refers to items which are literally consumed by the printer during the printing process, this can include ink and toner cartridges. Consumables have to be replaced periodically by the user when they are depleted.
  • A commonly used networking cable which is used to create local area networks. This type of cable is used to create simple networks capable of network printing.
Fuser Unit
  • A component found in laser printers which literally fuses the melted toner onto the paper.
  • Hard Disk Drive for physical data storage.
Laser Printer
  • A laser printer uses laser beams attract powdered ink onto the page. This type of printer technology is best suited to user who print large amounts e.g. offices.
LED Printer
  • LED printer technology uses a series of light-emitting diodes in order to project information onto the printhead. LED printers have no moving parts making them an extremely reliable form of printer technology.
Managed Print
  • can provide you and your company with an easily managed printing plan to enable you keep track of your printing costs without the need to worry about running costs and maintenance.
Mono Printer
  • A printer which only prints in black. (commonly reffered to as black & white printers)
Network Printing
  • Means multiple users can using the same printer when connected to the network.
  • This is another printer format language which is used by various printing devices, e.g. Apple Macs.
Solid Ink Printer
  • A type of printer technology only available from Xerox. Solid ink printers operate using Xerox’s patented solid ink cartridges.
  • A powder used to print text and images onto paper. Toner is soley used in laser printers and photocopiers. The powder is melted by the fuser unit and subsequently binds onto the paper. Toners are available in the standard CMYK colours.
  • This relates to the amount of pages that an ink or toner cartridge will be able to print. E.g. a 9k mono toner cartridge will be able to print 9,000 pages at 5% coverage.

Laser Printers Frequently Asked Questions

Do laser printers include cables in the box?

In most cases cables are not usually shipped with laser printers however, many wireless laser printers do include a short USB set-up cable in order to add the printer to a wireless network.

Should you wish to purchase a cable, you will be given the option to add various compatible cables to your order during the checkout process.

What do the letters stand for at the end of a laser printer's name?

Many laser printers have letters or groups of letters such as DN, DTN, DW & CDTN following their product names which usually quickly identify important features:

  • N: Network Connectivity
  • D: Duplex (or double sided printing)
  • T: Additional paper tray
  • C: Cabinet
  • W: Wireless
please note: these are indictaions only and may occassionaly signify alternative features. Please check detailed descriptions for exact functionality.

I need to claim for a special offer; Where can I find the serial number for my laser printer?

Serial numbers are most frequently found on the rear of the printer, on a black and white sticker, look for the term S/N: followed by an 8-12 digit number.

What our customers think...
  • donavan Bangs 11 December 2018 4.25 / 5 Value 4 Features 5 Quality 4 Performance 4 It works (Xerox VersaLink C405DN)

    It actually works. Prints and scans both sides. It can photocopy and is even able to output as a pdf to a network drive. It can do a lot more that i do not need like with phones. More importantly i can print en ... read more..

  • Julie Corteen 11 December 2018 5 / 5 Value 5 Features 5 Quality 5 Performance 5 Excellent (Lexmark CS727de)

    Absolutely brilliant - everything from value of printer to purchase right though to cost efficient consumables. Print time is fast - even with complex graphics (much better than my previous colour laser). Good ... read more..

  • Adrian Cheeseman 11 December 2018 5 / 5 Value 5 Features 5 Quality 5 Performance 5 Quality printer, quality service (Xerox VersaLink C600DN)

    This will have been my 4th printer I have purchased from Printerland over a 12 year period. The C600DN has provide an excellent solution to my business colour printing requirements. A modern printer with cost ... read more..

  • Ian Martin 07 December 2018 5 / 5 Value 5 Features 5 Quality 5 Performance 5 Excellent Service (Lexmark CS517de)

    Ordered 5pm arrived next day 10 am all as required - what more can you ask, excellent service. By the way the printer is excellent too exceeding expectations as a quality product which I set up in 10 minu ... read more..