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How Schools Can Benefit from a Printer Upgrade This Term

With teaching styles and demands changing every day, one thing that needs to remain consistent is the quality of technology in schools.

As ever-increasing importance is placed on technology being used for lessons, interactive whiteboards, tablets and school printers need to prove reliable.

Regular planning and weighty school reports can put even the most powerful equipment through their paces, but …

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How Local Authorities Can Utilise Security Technology

For those working in local government, there is frequent need for access to a wealth of public data. Whether it’s confidential information regarding voters, private landlords, an election, a complaint, social welfare or education, it’s the council’s responsibility to safeguard the large amounts of information that it holds.

A staggering new report from campaign group, Big Brother Watch, found that …

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The Best Prescription Printers for Healthcare Providers

Prescriptions are an essential part of healthcare, and a critical part of the lives of many individuals, allowing them to take a handle on their own health and ensure that they can go about their everyday lives as efficiently as possible.

Printing prescriptions saves time on handwritten forms, reducing the risk of mistakes being made on important documents. Choosing a …

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How HP Printers Are Reinventing Security

As a business owner, it’s imperative to be cautious about the security of vital documents in your workplace.

Printers receive documents from multiple devices, posing a threat to company security.

Hacking is still a major issue for businesses, so you’ll want to keep yourself protected at all costs to stop sensitive information being stolen or leaked.

Recently, HP launched a

How Samsung Printers Utilise Modern Technology

As times advance, so does technology.

With new inventions that promise to improve productivity and make your working life easier released daily, the need to incorporate such advanced technology into your workplace is ever-increasing.

A great way to do this, without making any drastic changes, it to invest in a Samsung printer. Devices created by this brand are the pinnacle …