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Purchasing A Printer

Purchasing a printer can be a daunting task; you need to consider the different features they have before looking for different models, and then you have to complete the purchase itself. Printers can be costly, so we’re here to help you understand the breakdown of printer prices, and the extra costs that can follow the purchase itself.


Factors to consider when purchasing a printer

Once you’ve taken the time to assess the features of a printer, you will probably have a better idea of what sort of model you need for your circumstances. However, your research shouldn’t stop there.

When you’ve decided on the kind of printer you want, you then need to consider whether a printer is providing value for money. Particularly for an office printer, you need to work out if the printer is an investment in the long run, or whether it will cost you more than it’s worth.

Here are different factors to consider when purchasing a printer:

How long is the warranty?

When purchasing a new printer, it is essential that you take into account any future reliability problems. Whilst it can be difficult to imagine problems occurring in your shiny new printer, they can and will occur over time. Therefore, it’s important to look for a printer with a good warranty to ensure that you are protected should the worst happen.

All Printerland products are genuine items warranted by the machine’s manufacturer. These warranty lengths differ from manufacturer to manufacturer but are clearly listed on the Printerland product page.

Many of our printers have promotional offers where an extended on-site warranty can be claimed to ensure that any downtime of your printer is kept to an absolute minimum. It is vital that you retain any warranty documents that come with your printer in order to make a claim should a fault occur.

How much does the printer cost?

The initial upfront cost of your printer is another factor to consider when purchasing. Depending on your print usage, it is generally more cost-effective to invest a greater amount at this stage in order to keep running costs down later.

Our dedicated sales team will be happy to calculate your costs for you and advise on how to get the most for your money when it comes to a new printer. Give us a quick call on 0800 840 1992.

Does the printer come with ink/toner?

All printers come with at least some starter ink or toner ensuring the machines are immediately ready for operation following their installation. The ‘What’s in the Box’ section of the product page will detail the ink/toner you will receive with your order

Look out for printers that ship with a full set of toner cartridges rather than the standard starter cartridges often supplied. The starter cartridges will allow you to set the printer up, but you will need a full set in order to operate effectively.

How much does it cost to run the printer?

It is important to consider the running costs of a printer to determine the long-term output. Check the costs of relevant inks and toners, as well as how many prints they generally last for. This is a good indication of the running costs of the printer you’ve chosen, and long-term financial output.

Many printers take advantage of larger capacity inks or toners to help you get more prints from a single cartridge.

Individual ink cartridges can also help reduce costs as you need only replace each cyan, yellow, magenta or black cartridge when they are empty rather, than discarding unused ink in multi-colour units.

Seek impartial advice before buying a printer

All of the products on the Printerland website are subjected to user reviews and star ratings which are clearly displayed. These are completely impartial reviews, completed by users who have purchased the unit.

Furthermore, as an independent company, Printerland can help offer impartial advice based upon your individual requirements.

For a full range of printers and consumables, visit the Printerland homepage or call our dedicated team on 0800 840 1992.

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