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duplex printer

What Is Duplex Printing?

Printers typically have a range of different settings and modes, allowing for users to change the way that their print-outs look or to conserve resources like paper. Duplex printing is one of these modes, and it’s a setting that’s commonly found and used in office printers.…

printed transparency

A Guide to Printing Transparencies

Transparencies are clear sheets of film that can be printed on to create visual aids, overlays for documents, and pages that can be projected using an overhead projector.

There are lots of business uses for transparencies, but it can be daunting printing your first set, especially if you’re unsure whether you’ve got the right printer and consumables.

This post will …

The Best Printers for Cardstock

Printing with heavier paper or cardstock of 130gsm+ isn’t as simple as printing with regular office paper – so if you regularly print on card, consider buying a printer that can comfortably handle a large maximum weight of paper. Without this, the card may not pull through the printer heads as it should, resulting in paper jams and waste or, …

professional crafter

The Best Laser Printers for Professional Crafters

If you’re into crafts and sell your work online, in a shop, or at craft fairs, you’ll know the importance of having a printer that can help you create high-quality products. Choose the perfect craft printer from our handpicked list – all of them are ideal for crafting professionally and are the perfect assistant in activities from scrapbooking to printing …

printing labels

How To Print Labels

Organisation is key in busy workplaces and having the in-house capability to print your own labels can have great effects on your ability to stay at the top of your game. It’s not just offices that can benefit organisationally from a label printer, however, warehouses and online retail companies can also see productivity increases by using a laser printer