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Our comprehensive range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) toner cartridges will get the best out of your printer. Whether you need toner cartridges for home, business or professional imaging use, we stock all the major brands including Epson, Canon, Xerox, Brother, Lexmark, Samsung, HP and more. And with value and rainbow pack deals on many of our toner cartridges, we'll help you cut costs without compromising on print quality.

Why buy OEM toner cartridges

OEM toner cartridges are designed by your printer's manufacturer to work perfectly first time, every time. So if you own a Canon printer, using OEM Canon toner cartridges will give you best performance and print quality. Filled with the best quality toner, genuine toner cartridges ensure hassle-free printing for you and a longer lifespan for your printer.

High-quality printing

Not all toners are created equal. Standard quality toner found in non-genuine toner cartridges is crushed and contains jagged particles that can scratch the sensitive imaging drum, causing irreparable damage and a loss of image quality. High-quality toners are precision-engineered to protect your printer during use while delivering vibrant colours, razor sharp text and high definition in the fine details.

Quality, reliability and consistency

Genuine toner cartridges are designed to deliver exceptional print quality, reliable performance and a consistent yield. While an OEM toner cartridge delivers 100% of its stated yield, a non-genuine cartridge typically prints out between 25% and 27% fewer pages. And where prints made with high-quality toners are fade and water resistant, non-genuine toner can produce smudged prints with indistinct characters. OEM toner cartridges may cost more upfront, but they're designed to optimise print performance and have a much lower failure rate than non-genuine cartridges for lower overall costs of ownership.


The major printer and toner cartridge manufacturers have cartridge return or collection programmes in place which allow you to recycle end of life consumables with ease.

Running Costs

-All consumable life cycles are manufacturer estimates based on 5% coverage per A4 page