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Is your office leaving you injured?

Image one - headaches and eye strain

Sitting in the office usually doesn’t allow employees to spend enough time on their feet during the working day.

We at Printerland have discovered that almost three quarters of British workers have been left with gruelling aches and pains due to office life.

The number of different injuries caused by working in an office is endless, but we discovered that eye strain is the most prominent injury workers face, with 43% UK employees admitting to suffering from it.

Headaches were found to be the second most common ailment, as just under a third of workers stated that they suffer from them. Eye strain and headaches have led to a quarter of office workers making a trip to the opticians in the past year to deal with these issues.

One of the main reasons Brits are seeing their health deteriorate due to office life is that the average worker only has three screen breaks a day across their 34.5 hour working week.

For some unlucky workers, these grievances can have a long-term effect with one in six office workers admitting to suffering from a repetitive strain injury (RSI).

These injuries however are not solely down to working environments, with just over two thirds of employees confessing to not having their desks set up correctly.

One of the main causes of eye strain and headaches amongst office workers is that they don’t have their computer screens set up at eye level, which 29% of respondents admitted to being guilty of.

Just under two fifths of respondents also admitted to not having their keyboard level with their arms, potentially justifying why so many Brits were suffering from RSIs.

Injuries are not the only health concern that workers are facing, with a tenth of UK offices having colds and flu bugs passed around them at least once every THREE WEEKS!

According to our survey, Brits show an immense dedication to their work with only 22% of workers stating that they would take a sick day if they had a contagious illness. This highlights that just under four fifths of employees were likely to come into work even if it meant infecting their whole office.

Office life can also have a huge effect on workers’ weight, with continuous treats taking a toll on just under half of British workers, who admitted that they’ve gained weight since working in an office.

Just under a third of workers have gained at least a STONE since they began working in an office environment.

To ensure that you’re not putting your office worker’s health at risk, carry out regular individual desk assessments to guarantee that your employees’ computer equipment and monitors aren’t going to play havoc of their body….and limit the amount of Friday treats too!