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40% of employees believe their boss is overpaid

Do you believe that your boss is paid more than they deserve? Well you’re not alone, as almost half of the working population believe that their employers are overpaid.

We discovered that 40% of employees share this view in our latest survey, which shows that respondents in the North-East are most aggrieved by their boss’ salary.

As well as being …

Man sending a photo to wireless printer

How to Print from Your iPhone or iPad

When it comes to printing important documents from your business printer, it can be very time-consuming to send documents from your mobile or tablet to your computer before you can print.

A simple solution for this tedious process is to print directly from your iPhone or iPad using a feature called AirPrint. This software is already installed on your …

Using copy machine

The Most Common Printer Installation Issues

When it comes to installing a printer and setting up your new machine, the many wires, cables and connectivity options can be confusing for even the biggest technology fan.

Despite being relatively easy to set-up, a number of mistakes are commonly made when installing the unit, which can lead to issues with your printer not functioning correctly or showing error …

Angry Corporate Man Attacking Printer

Troubleshooting your printer

My printer won’t print

There are several reasons why your printer might not be printing. You can start by checking for any error message on your printer or whether the warning light is showing. You should also make sure there is paper in your printer, that your ink or toner cartridges are full and that your printer is either …