The Best Printers For Teachers in 2019

School teachers have a lot of printing to do, from preparing resources for lessons to creating wall displays. Because of the importance that printing has in the classroom and how much use school printers get, taking the time to choose the best printer for teachers instead of rushing into the decision is sensible.

Read our guide to the best laser printers for teachers to help make your decision.

What does a school printer need? We’ll be looking at laser printers rather than inkjet, as they’re more fitting for use as a school printer due to their faster printing speeds and lower long-term running costs.

The main strengths that a school printer needs are:

Fast black and white printing speeds

School teachers need to be able to quickly print and distribute worksheets, exam papers, and other education hand-outs to minimise the amount of time that’s wasted in class. Colour printing is less important, as most of these documents come in black and white anyway, but fast monochrome printing speeds are essential.

Low running costs and high toner capacity

School budgets are restricted to begin with, without taking into account the hidden expenses of a printer that uses costly resources. Laser printers are thought to be the least expensive printers to run in the long term thanks to the comparatively low cost of toner as opposed to ink.

Making sure that the printer you choose for school also has a high toner capacity means you won’t have to put as much organisation into staying stocked.

Wi-Fi connectivity

As schools begin to use more and more modern technology like computers, tablets, and mobile devices in lessons, the ability to print wirelessly becomes more important. We’d consider Wi-Fi connectivity an essential feature for school printers for easy use with multiple devices in a classroom.


Scanning and photocopying are both used in schools for various purposes, such as creating digital copies of completed exams and reproducing worksheets. Rather than having to buy individual scanners and copiers, choosing a multifunction printer with these features built in can save money and valuable classroom floorspace.

Good colour reproduction

Good colour reproduction is essential for any school printers that’ll be used to create materials for classroom displays. These displays play a vital role in creating an engaging and immersive learning environment, but they can be let down by poor print quality making them hard to read or understand.

Best printers for teachers

Lexmark MS517DN

The Lexmark MS5117DN is an A4 monochrome printer that’s perfect for producing worksheets and learning booklets. It has fast printing speeds of up to 42 pages per minute for busy classrooms and is easy to install and use with the built-in full colour LCD touchscreen. A wireless option is also available for those who wish to share or print via their wireless network.

Xerox VersaLink C400DN

This Xerox model can print in both colour or monochrome, making it perfect for classrooms where both worksheets and classroom display materials need to be printed regularly. It reaches speeds of up to 35 pages per minute and has a 550-sheet input tray which means you can load up enough paper to provide worksheets for the whole class in one go.


The first LED printer on our list of printers for teachers is the OKI C511DN, offering high resolution printing of 2400dpi. This excellent resolution means that print-outs from this model will be high quality and precise, making it perfect for use in art or design classrooms. It prints at speeds of up to 30ppm in monochrome and 26ppm in colour.

The LED printing technology in this printer make it great for schools looking to cut energy costs, as it’s less energy intensive than laser or inkjet technology.

Xerox VersaLink C405DN

The Xerox Verslink C405DN is a great multi-function option, with a scanner and copier built in to the design. This makes it perfect for use in schools looking to replace bulky photocopiers with more seamlessly integrated versions. With printing speeds of up to 35ppm and a 550-sheet input tray, this is a great all-rounder.

It also comes with a free lifetime on-site warranty, future-proofing it for any faults that might occur down the line.


The final printer on our list for teachers is the OKI C823n, an A3 LED model. Although it can print in paper sizes up to A3, this printer still has fairly compact dimensions making it ideal for small classrooms. It can print large worksheets and displays at speeds of up to 23ppm in both colour and monochrome and has all of the energy saving qualities that come with LED technology.