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What Are the Benefits of a Multifunction Printer?

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When it comes to the office, a handful of tasks make up a small percentage of your time and output. For many business owners, jobs such as scanning, faxing and copying documents are those which only need completing occasionally, so it can be frustrating when you think you need to purchase and fund the running of multiple machines.

However, multifunction printers (MFPs) are able to cater to these four document-related tasks within one single machine; making them an essential piece of office equipment.

In this article, we’ve shared the four advantages of multifunction printers and how your business’ daily tasks can be simplified when using them in the office:

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Because a multifunction printer can cater for many tasks, there’s no need to have four different machines. This means that your business saves money which can be spent on other company essentials.

Running costs

Multifunction printers are also more cost-efficient for businesses in the long-run because you only need to pay to run a single machine. Considering that these are fantastic printers for businesses with limited requirements for scanning and faxing, it helps to save money on the running costs of your office machinery.

This advantage of using an all in one scanner also aids with businesses who are concerned about their energy usage. Because you’re using one machine instead of four separate ones, you will experience cheaper energy bills whilst knowing that you’re becoming a more eco-friendly office.

Hand and printer control panel
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Increased office space

Also known as an all in one printer, a multifunction printer also has the benefit of free-ing up more space and being more convenient. This is because there’s no need to house four separate machines when one can do all four jobs, making them ideal for smaller working environments.

This extra office space can then be used for something else, such as desks or additional seating for new staff.


Because the majority of businesses don’t use all four functions of a MFP regularly, there’s often no need to have different machines if you only use them occasionally. This provides businesses with more convenience in the office.

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Some multifunction printers are also wireless, such as the HP LaserJet Pro M477. This means that you can have additional freedom when organising your working environment as the unit can be placed in an area out of sight and used by multiple people in the office without the need to be physically connected.

As you can see, MFPs are a great piece of equipment to have in the office and can provide your business with cheaper energy bills and increased working space.

If you are interested in learning more about how a MFP could be incorporated into your existing printing set-up, contact us today. Our printing experts will be able to advise on the best machine for your business’ needs, requirements and budget.