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How to Improve Your Office Efficiency

Last Updated on August 14, 2023 by Christian Ralph

The efficiency of your office has a huge impact on the smooth running of your business. If your organisation uses unpractical methods for its’ day to day operations, it’s unlikely that you will maximise the productivity of your employees.

Not only does enhanced productivity increase the amount of work you can get done, but it can also allow everyone in the work environment to feel like they can prioritise a workload for the best possible results.

From spending less time on printing, to double-checking that warranties won’t hinder you if something goes wrong, we share how to improve your office efficiency:

Checking Running Costs and Finding Consumables

It’s usually more efficient to pay more upfront on an office printer than it is to constantly invest in printing consumables. This increases your chance of experiencing cheaper toner and running costs over time.

However, if your business isn’t in a position to spend a large initial fee for a low-running cost printer, you may want to find out how to reduce printer overheads. From adjusting the colour settings on your machine to using standardised fonts, there are a number of techniques that can enable your company to manage its efficiency.

You can also opt for high capacity ink cartridges to save on running costs. These are more cost effective due to the ink being useable for a number of documents, and reduces the amount of time you spend changing cartridges. You may also want to note how much toner is included in the box when first purchasing to avoid spending money on extra equipment that comes with the machine.

Use Duplex Paper

Using duplex paper allows you to manage printing efficiency as well as expenditure as it can instantly half your paper costs.

Double sided printing saves on wasted paper and completely removes the need for tilting and altering paper for printing your own documents. Saving time when it comes to printing documents can have a huge impact on your business as it is time that can be better spent elsewhere.

Check for Warranties

When you initially purchase your printer, look for extended warranties included with the machine package.
Woman scan some documents at work

There are a number of common printer problems that you could unintentionally run into, so ensuring that you’ve got protection that offers on-site support can help to eliminate the chances of down-time whilst you find a replacement.

Opt for a Multifunction Machine

If your business relies heavily on printing professional paperwork, you may benefit from using a multifunction printer.

This kind of business printer is excellent for busy offices as it combines printing, copying, scanning and faxing within a single machine. Multifunction printers can also save on physical space in your office environment and save on running costs as you don’t need to provide consumables for four separate machines.

All-in-one printers can help your business to become more energy efficient due to the combination of functionalities within one device.

As you can see, improving the efficiency of your office doesn’t have to be a complicated task. If you are unsure on how to choose the best printing equipment tailored to your own needs, or just require some further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to help!