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The Benefits of Managed Print (includes infographic)

As the size of your office continues to grow, inevitably, so will printing costs. Keeping track of money spent on office printing can be a difficult task and often leads to unnecessary spending. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem and it’s called Managed Print Service.

Managed Print Services allows companies to print with an easily managed printing plan which means that both printing and maintenance costs can easily be kept under control.
Managed print services come under a variety of names depending on which Manufacturer is offering it. Don’t be confused though, they essentially all offer the same service.

First and foremost, the main benefit of using a managed print service boils down to money. Using a managed print service means no unexpected bills, no hidden consumables costs and ultimately no loss of productivity from your staff due to restricted printing. Managed print services can save customers up to 50% with a simple payment plan.

The use of a managed print service also helps to ensure peace of mind in terms of maintenance. Many managed print services such as the OKI Flatrate plan include next day on-site printer service which minimises printer down-time and helps to maximise productivity.
So why not browse our range of managed print services today, and see how much you could save.