What are the Benefits of a Managed Print Service?

Using a managed print service to consolidate your printing costs can save your business a lot of money.

Print management solutions generally manage and oversee all printing provisions including hardware, repairs, maintenance and cartridge supplies. Costing generally works on a fixed per-page basis, meaning that all variable costs are consolidated, and you can easily keep track of how much money is being spent on printing.

Traditionally, managed print services were complex to implement and were only used by large enterprises. Now, with Printerland PrintSave plans, subscription print options are available to any size business, without a complicated set-up.

The benefits of managed printing

Increased sustainability in the workplace

A print management system will help you to keep track of your printer usage so that you know how much is being printed and whether there’s the possibility of cutting back. Reducing the amount of paper, toner and electricity that your business uses has the added benefits of saving money and reducing emissions.

Financial benefits

Savings in administration time

With managed print services, your printer sends an automatic notification to the manufacturer, telling them to send out more toner before it even runs out – no need to put in an order yourself.

Also, with consolidated invoicing there’s no need to assimilate printer costs to get an idea of the true cost per month. Everything is broken down in a monthly usage report which reduces the amount of accounting time that needs to be spent on printer costs.

Reducing costs

The all-inclusive cost-per-page of a print management service means that toner, emergency call outs, time and labour, engineer costs and spare parts are all covered in the monthly bill. This keeps the printing budget simple in yearly, quarterly or monthly statements.

Increased control

As costs are more visible, budgeting your printing expenses is much more manageable under a managed printing service. It’s also easier to identify potential areas for further cost saving, and reduces downtime from broken printers with quick repairs.

User Benefits of a Print Management Service

Printer down-time is minimised

Managed print services minimise down-time between supply deliveries by ensuring that replacement toner is automatically sent. An on-site repair service is also available through most print management services, so you don’t have to pay for the printer to be taken away and returned to company premises via a courier service.

Printers are optimised to your specific requirements

It’s possible to spread the cost of your printer, supplies and service with a managed print service – a feature that is perfect for small businesses or start-ups. The automatic supply of consumables, included consolidated invoicing and management reporting, are all features that ensure you can tailor the printer to meet your company’s requirements.

IT Benefits

Frees up IT resource to cover other activities

Staff are able to reduce their administration, and better manage their time. IT staff can focus on larger IT issues rather than focusing on printing problems. This has the added benefit of ensuring that staff are contented in their jobs and are able to use their time independently and effectively.

An HP ‘Print At Your Service’ plan is the perfect first step into subscription printing for any business. You can learn more about it’s simplicity in the following short video.

If you’re interested in learning more about a management print service, Printerland can help you find the perfect machine for your printing requirements and a simple, low cost payment plan. Call us on 0800 840 1992 and we’ll help you to choose the perfect package to reduce costs and increase your office efficiency today.