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Why Xerox Should Be Your Next Printer Manufacturer Choice

If you’re considering improving your office’s efficiency levels, then trading your printer for a newer model might be the perfect move to make.

With an incredible amount of printer manufacturers available, it can be hard to settle on one. Many different printer producers come with various benefits which you may not know about.

To make your decision easier, we have compiled the top benefits of one of the most well-known printer manufacturers on the market. This may make you wonder why your current manufacturer is not Xerox!

But if you are the proud owner of a Xerox printer and just need reminding of why they are great, read on for more information.

Managed Print Services

One of the greatest benefits of using a Xerox printer is their easily accessible managed print services.

These services make it easy to analyse and view data on your office’s printing habits, which will help you to keep tabs on where you are excessively spending.

Accessing data like this will mean that it is possible to understand your printing habits and cut down on the ones that are costing you precious cash. This will result in you saving energy, money and resources by replacing these habits with a more streamlined and careful printing regime.

Security options

As well as helping you to keep tabs on consumable costs, the managed print service can help to improve your office security regarding printer problems.

Xerox printers are well known for the security options that they can provide. The protection of Xerox® Print Security Audit Service will help you in situations that could otherwise be devastating for your business.

This includes assistance when you experience a security breach, or your networked devices lose security settings, among other critical situations.

printer securityImage Credit: / BrianAJackson (Via Custard Online Marketing)

Having help in these difficult situations will allow you to remain calm and keep your information out of the wrong hands.

Multifunction options

If you’ve been looking at office printers which will not only help to improve productivity, but also have a positive impact on how green your office is, Xerox can help you.

There are many great multifunction Xerox printer options, which will reduce the need to have multiple different devices running. As a multifunction device can perform more than one task, you can recycle of your copier and scanner, and rely on the one machine.


Image Credit: / PeopleImages (Via Custard Online Marketing)

This will also help to free up space for an all-round better aesthetic. As well as this it will cut down queues at your devices to increase efficiency, and save money on the energy bills.

Trusted brand

Another benefit to buying a Xerox office printer, is that you can rest assured you are choosing a trusted, reputable brand.

Xerox are known for satisfying customers with their quality products and providing great support.

This is a good investment that you may not get with other less-reputable brands, and will give you peace of mind that your money is well spent.

Quality Consumables

As well as tried and trusted machines, Xerox toner and ink have a great reputation for producing a quality print.

Not only this, but you get more for your money, as genuine cartridges are known for delivering considerably more pages than non-genuine alternatives, and at a higher quality.

Buying trusted Xerox toner or ink cartridges for your device, rather than choosing third party alternatives or refilling your cartridges will also mean that you are not risking damaging your machine.

Environmental Options

As well as producing office printers that come with inbuilt power save options, and multifunction devices to cut down on energy usage, Xerox has one of the best recycling schemes in the print market.

This includes a free cartridge return, whereby you can send your empty consumables back to be properly recycled. This can really help businesses reach sustainability targets, and reduce landfill waste.

As you can see, there are an incredible amount of benefits to choosing Xerox as your manufacturer. They can easily help you to achieve your targets, and pick up any slack in areas that your business might be falling behind on.

If you need further advice on which Xerox office printers would most closely match your needs, feel free to contact our team of experts who are always happy to help.