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Lexmark MS817dn A4 Mono Laser Printer Review

lexmark printer

Printer reviews are one of the best ways to get a good gauge on certain models before buying them.

As there are so many different types of printers available on the market, making the shopping process much more difficult, printer reviews can be a reliable starting place when getting to grips with some of the popular devices.

So, if you have no idea where to start looking for a new printer or have a certain model in mind and need more information on it, a printer review can be helpful to you.

Therefore, to make your printer purchase considerably easier we have reviewed an incredibly effective Lexmark printer, model MS817dn.

Read on to find out more about this device, including security features, print speeds and eco-friendly settings:


The Lexmark MS817dn A4 mono laser printer is a great addition to high profile offices, as it has advanced security and confidential print options.

This is incredibly useful, as in a lot of cases people assume that information can only be stolen from devices such as tablets and computers, which means that a printer may either be an afterthought or left insecure.

lexmark office printer

As a printer’s security can be compromised, it is important to keep any information you send to them safe and secure.

To help you keep your information and documents safe, the Lexmark MS817dn comes with added security features such as a Confidential Print option. As well as this, you can set a unique, customisable PIN, which will need to be entered before every print job.

Options like this will mean that no unauthorised person will be able to use your device, or access information from your print jobs, thus keeping your data safe and secure.

Toner cartridges

One of the best aspects of this printer is the Lexmark toner it uses. The device can print around 25,000 pages without running out of the manufacturer’s toner.

This is incredibly useful in a fast-paced, high-demand office environment where time is crucial. Not only will this toner save money in the long run, but it will save valuable time on swapping the cartridges, meaning productivity is barely affected.

High speed

Another factor which makes the MS817dn laser printer a great choice for a demanding office, is its high speeds.

Printing the first page of a document in just 4.8 seconds means that this device won’t keep any of your staff waiting around for slow or unresponsive devices, so expect to see productivity improve in your office.

This Lexmark printer also can print double-sided sheets. This feature will conserve your paper, providing a greener office that you can be proud of, while keeping queues down which means more can be done during the work day.

lexmark laser printer


If your carbon footprint is an aspect of the office that you’re looking to improve, the MS817dn could help.

The device is extremely eco-friendly, as it comes with three different ‘green’ settings that aim to save energy and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

These settings are ‘quiet,’ ‘hibernate’ or ‘eco,’ which help lower energy consumption and noise levels. This means the printer is much less distracting during critical business hours and is also meeting-friendly.


To make the printing process even more simple, Lexmark also offer a mobile app for iOS and Android, providing an easy way to print from mobiles and tablets.

This is an extremely useful feature if your business often requires you to be away from your computer, as it will mean that you no longer need to boot up and log on to print. You can simply send the document to your laser printer straight from your mobile.

As you can see, the Lexmark MS817dn is the perfect choice for a high profile, fast-paced office as it can improve security, and keep up with demand.

If you would like to find out more about this machine, or need more recommendations of which device would suit your office, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to advise.