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Four Benefits of Having a Wi-Fi Printer in Your Office

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Choosing a new printer for your office is a difficult task, as there are an enormous number of models available on the market.

You’ll want to select a printer which can cater to your specific requirements. For example, if your business is often printing in A3 or above, you will most certainly need a large format printer.

However, there are some printers which are a great addition to any office, and will improve your workplace in a number of ways, regardless of what you will be using it for.

Wi-Fi printers have benefits for every company, regardless of their size, demand or pace.

If you haven’t been considering some of the best Wi-Fi printers on the market as your next office purchase, check out some reasons why you should be!

They’re tidier

Wireless machines, unlike other printers, do not need plugging into your computer before you print.

This will in turn, mean less trailing wires, less hazards and an all-round tidier feel to your workplace, not to mention the improved aesthetic of your office.

A clearer and cleaner office will lead to a better mood, as guests and clients will be impressed. A better atmosphere in the office will also consequently lead to higher productivity levels.

Along with this, the lack of wires and installation will ensure a quick and easy set-up, meaning that your workflow is barely interrupted by a device upgrade, and you will be up and ready to go quickly.

Fewer restrictions

printer usedImage Credit: / Baitong333 (Via Custard Online Marketing)

Using a Wi-Fi printer will mean that you can connect as many devices to the machine as you want, which for a bigger company is perfect, as your employees can all share one, high speed Wi-Fi model, such as a Lexmark printer, on your secure network.

This will save you money on your energy bill, and make for a greener office as there will no longer be the need for multiple printers.

Along with this, you are no longer restricted by the length of the wires connecting your devices to the printer, so you can print quickly and easily from anywhere in the room.

Print from any device

One of the advantages of having a Wi-Fi printer in a modern office, is that you can send a print job from any device, rather than being limited to computers or laptops.

This will save time if you have a document handy on your phone or tablet, as you will not need to send it over to a computer before you can print it – perfect if you need to rush into a meeting but forgot an essential print-out.

Sending a print-out from any device that can access the internet, to a Wi-Fi laser printer, will greatly speed up processes in your office and see productivity rise considerably.

Versatile placement

tidy officeImage Credit: / Baitong333 (Via Custard Online Marketing)

A HP wireless printer can be tucked out of the way into any corner of the office, as it no longer needs to be on display. This can free up space for other devices, or a relaxing area for staff.

A Wi-Fi printer can improve many different aspects around your office, and save you precious time on various processes.

If you would like to find out more about different Wi-Fi printer options, our team of printer specialists are more than happy to offer our advice as to what would suit your office.

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