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Five Handy Things You Didn’t Know About MFPs

When it comes to finding the most convenient, cost-effective office printer, then look no further than a multifunction printer, otherwise known as an MFP.

They have multiple capabilities, all of which make them a cost effective and practical addition to your office.

These printers come with a lot of hidden qualities, some of which you may not know about. Read on to find out about these five attributes that make MFP’s such a valuable part of your office.

Multiple functions!

When setting up a new office, it can be a complete nuisance having to buy new things for it.

With a multifunction printer you have a printer, a scanner, a copier and a fax machine all built into one, so you don’t need to find space for multiple devices.

The scanning and copier functionalities have the same level of performance as standalone scanners or copiers, giving you assurance in the quality of these machines.

Scanning or copying allows you to have back-ups of your important documents. MFPs, such as the Lexmark printer CX517de, are a prime example of devices that includes quality scanning and copying functions.


From a business owner’s perspective, arguably the best thing about multi-functional printers is their economical input.

As the MFP combines print, copy, scan and fax functions, it means you don’t need to pay out for four different machines.

Most types of MFPs, especially an all in one colour laser printer, have an exceptionally low cost per page rate for both colour and mono printing. Other models, such as the Lexmark CX417de have a double-sided function that cuts your printing media consumption in half.

Maintenance and repairs is much more cost effective when you own a multifunctional device, as it cuts costs on forking out on maintenance for multiple machines.


While this functionality is only available to more modern MFP’s, there are some models that allow you to connect to your printer via an app.

You can register your printer with an application on either your smartphone or tablet that enables wireless and cloud printing.

This makes your printing jobs even simpler as you can print important documents from outside the office. By having a wireless printer, your business can benefit from connecting more workers to your printer.

Image Credit: / AfricaImages (Via Custard Online Marketing)

Image Credit: / AfricaImages (Via Custard Online Marketing)


The clear majority of MFP’s have a top-quality faxing functionality built-in.

Some models in fact have a built-in document feeder which allows you send more than a single document. In addition to this, most MFP faxing functions allow you to save documents to the printer once they’ve been sent.

These majorly convenient features allow you to fax physical documents to others worldwide within minutes.

Email Access

Another form of wireless printing, which again is only available on more modern MFP models, is that printing jobs can be completed via email.

This is done by connecting your printer with an email address, then sending your documents to it for printing. This means that you can access your printer from anywhere in the world meaning that there’s no reason to miss important deadlines due to printing issues.

If you’re looking to cut costs on office devices, then you should look no further than a multifunction printer.

These models can play a vital role in your day to day operations and have a long lifespan if they’re maintained in the proper fashion. Make sure to contact a printer specialist if you have any questions.