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Why You Should Pick a Lexmark Printer for your Small Business

Lexmark are on the of the world’s leading providers for businesses. They’re able to boast such a feat as their models are known for their speed, making them an excellent piece of equipment to increase your office productivity.

Models from this brand offer enterprise-grade performance and come with an abundance of great features.
Despite being convenient for all businesses, Lexmark printers are especially ideal for businesses of the smaller variety. In this guide, find out why these models are so excellent for SMB’s both from a performance and cost-saving standpoint.

Why Lexmark?

Lexmark printers are used by many businesses around the country due to the multiple benefits that they provide the user with. Here are just a few:


Not only do they produce a line of multifunctional models in both mono and colour laser, but one of the things that make Lexmark Printers so good for business is that they have analytical functions available.

These functions allow small business owners to monitor their operations, with Lexmark’s MFP models in particular capturing all prints, faxes, scans and copies made. This allows you to keep on top of how many printing materials are being used, and how it’s increasing or decreasing overtime, allowing you to monitor spend.


A Lexmark printer can guarantee the security of your documents.

Their models have enterprise-grade security levels and their security features include the likes of audit logging, login restrictions, confidential printing and physical lock support which allows you to physically secure sensitive printing components, such as the hard disk.

Security at work is essential, so this is why Lexmark printers are a trusty option for your SMB.

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Despite having an abundance of great qualities, Lexmark’s economical products are very affordable for small businesses.

With extremely low cost per pages for both mono and colour models, Lexmark cut costs on your outgoings for materials.

Many of their colour laser printers, which are an ideal choice for many offices, come with low melt toner fusers which result in their low temperatures also cutting costs on your energy bills too.

Other models come with colour save and eco settings which allow you to manage your own toner usage, cutting further costs on your outgoings.

Furthermore, for a select group of models, Lexmark’s four-year warranty ensures your investment is protected if your model falters.

Award Winning

If you ever needed further proof that Lexmark models are some of the best around, then you need to take a look at their list of accolades.

Earlier this year they were recipients of the best Colour Printer/MFP line of the year. This was due to their models having a superb standard of reliability, simple maintenance features and control panels with easy navigation.

Lexmark printers also boast outstanding colour outputs, some of which provide a 4800-colour quality.

They’ve also won awards for 1-million-page tests of their products including the Lexmark printer CX827de, as well a number of the other MFP products.


When it comes to choosing a printer for your small business, a Lexmark multifunctional printer should be very high up on your shortlist.

They provide MFPs in both A3 and A4 models, all of which come with simplistic touch navigation. Their multifunctional printers are renowned for their efficiency, with a rapid print speed per second as well as having the capacity to hold a mass of printing materials.

Not only has this brand won awards for their MFP line, but an all in one printer is ideal for any business due to their print, scan, copy and faxing functions. The Lexmark CX517de is a particularly good choice for offices due to all these features as well as its connectivity features.

If you need further reassurance why Lexmark printers are the ideal choice for your business, get in touch with the experts at Printerland to find out more.