Can I Connect to my AirPrint Printer with a USB Cable?


Every printer in the Printerland AirPrint collection also benefits from USB connection. Offering greater freedom for users looking to connect to their printer in their preferred manner – simultaneous AirPrint and USB connectivity can help users who want to print from a selection of different devices.

With printers from the world’s most trusted manufacturers including OKI, Xerox, Lexmark and Samsung amongst others, the Printerland AirPrint collection is hugely varied – catering for a wide range of domestic and professional uses.
An AirPrint compatible printer is ideal for a home user or office which primarily uses Apple products such as iMac, MacBooks and iPads. This intuitive feature simplifies the process of printing direct from the Apple devices, helping uses get the most out of the machines. With sales of Apple computers continuing to rise year after year, AirPrint compatibility is a hugely desirable feature for a printer.
However, the modern home and work environment doesn’t stop at just one computer – with many having multiple different devices across a variety of platforms. From the old family computer to the kids’ iPad for games and learning – it is common to find a range of devices which can connect to a printer around the home. This makes it hugely beneficial to buy a printer with a range of connectivity options.
Due to the stationary nature of USB connections – it is always worth connecting a desktop computer or less mobile device to the printer via the USB cable. This can allow users to print from a desktop, even if the internet is slow or disconnected.
There are now hundreds of printers in Printerland’s AirPrint collection from a range of manufacturers. When AirPrint was first released at the end of 2010, only 12 printers were AirPrint-reading – all of them from the HP Photosmart Plus range. This quick and incredible growth demonstrates the huge popularity of the feature – and its far-reaching potential.
Using a similar interface and navigation method to other Apple applications and programs, Apple users will be able to immediately identify how to make the most of the connection.
Many of the printers in Printerland’s AirPrint collection also benefit from manufacturer’s own wireless printing functions – supporting print from a range of devices and programs. This can help users print wirelessly on non-Apple products, making it simple to print directly from the original source of the file or document.
All of the printers from Printerland clearly stipulate all their key features in the descriptions, including the connection options they offer. This makes it easier to select the printer which best suits your needs and the needs of your home office or workplace.
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