Xerox Airprint Compatible Printers Reviews

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 12/8/2019

    Quick ordering and delivery (Xerox VersaLink C600DN)

    From past experience the price and the speed of the delivery have always been on the ball.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 2/7/2019

    printer (Xerox Workcentre 3345DNi)

    great printer with double sided scanning and lots of good features. would definitely purchase again

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 2/7/2019

    Xerox WorkCentre 6515DNI (Xerox WorkCentre 6515DNI)

    I was looking for a colour multi function printer that has the ability to scan duplex and to email, USB and network storage. The 6515DNI ticks all the boxes - I like the quality of the output and found the installation straight forward

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 27/6/2019

    Colour laser printer (Xerox Phaser 6020)

    An excellent product I wanted a colour laser printer for home use and occasionally to produce a programme for a kids drama group my daughter runs. This one fit the bill perfectly I was astounded at the quality of the prints the colours are outstanding, all in all a great product and service received was exactly how I would wish to be treat by a company 100% rating from me thank you guys

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 27/6/2019

    Office Printer (Xerox VersaLink C7020DN)

    Excellent service and went with recommendation from staff. Will buy again.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 26/6/2019

    Fantastic Service (Xerox VersaLink C8000DT)

    Perfect service from start to finish. I got brilliant advice from Andy to was most helpful and answered my numerous questions and help me the perfect printer. The printer itself has been great, easy to set up and meets all my needs.

  • 4.25 ( 4.25/5) by 25/6/2019

    Great All rounder (Xerox Workcentre 6605N)

    The Xerox Workcentre 6605 is a great all round printer, with copying, scanning and faxing facilities. The only down side is it is slow to print pictures of any decent quality. If you are printing a catalogue full of pictures, them this is not the printer for you, but for every day printing it is spot on.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 22/6/2019

    Delivery and Information (Xerox Workcentre 3335DNi)

    Excellent service via telephone by Ashley Brown

  • 4.75 ( 4.75/5) by 20/6/2019

    Good quality product (Xerox WorkCentre 6515DNI)

    Printer came on time, initially was a bit awkward to set up to my working style, but a call to the customer service team rectified it very well. It functions well and produces good quality prints and scans efficiently, the air print function is really useful too.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 20/5/2019

    very pleased (Xerox Phaser 3330DNi)

    I needed to know some details of performance and product set-up. All questions were answered with knowledge promptly so that I found out exactly what I needed to know. Delivery was on time and the product was exactly as described. Helpful service at a great price! Thank you John

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 15/5/2019

    Fits the bill (Xerox Phaser 6510N)

    Great recommendation by Carl, never had a Xerox before but this suits us nicely and does everything we wanted and more. Very good value at this price.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 2/5/2019

    Excellent new purchase and great service! (Xerox VersaLink C7020DN)

    The C7020 is an excellent machine, full of features. Ideal for a small to medium size business, or as a team machine. It is quiet in use and powers down when not in use, so no whirring fans all day or loud clunky printing. It was relatively easy to set up and is up and running shortly out of the box. Print quality and speed are good so far, although only done 300 or so prints, but 270 of this were one document, which it handled impeccably. Luke P in Printerland Sales provided excellent help and guidance leading to this purchase and his advice was spot on, especially in regard to included toner, where the C7020 really scores. Delivery was next day for machine and few days for various accessories. All in all very pleased with the Printerland service and the machine itself. More than happy to recommend them, have used them before and will happily do so again. All just as you want!

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 29/4/2019

    Xerox VersaLink C8000DT (Xerox VersaLink C8000DT)

    Excellent customer service from Sales Rep.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 25/4/2019

    Photocopier purchase (Xerox VersaLink C7020DN)

    Very helpful staff. Thank you for the help with the purchase.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 24/4/2019

    Good Efficient Service (Xerox Workcentre 3345DNi)

    Efficient and economical as always. Pleased to recommend

  • 4.25 ( 4.25/5) by 12/4/2019

    Great...but there is a sting in the tail (Xerox VersaLink C7000n)

    The printer is superb. Copies are faithful to screen image and super quality. The "but" must be the toner usage and cost. I have used the machine heavily since I got it on fairly dense graphics on A3 paper. The graphics are mostly Black, with the odd small splash of colour. According to the usage stats I will run out of all toner after 490 A3 copies. So around £1 per print! It makes sense to just buy another new printer when the toner runs out - as the cost of a set of low cal toner cartridges costs about the same as the new printer with its cartridges . crazy!..............I still like it though

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 25/3/2019

    What more could you want! (Xerox WorkCentre 6515DNI)

    Great service from Printerland and great comm's. Purchased for a home PC. Quite a large and heavy box but oozes quality. Initial setup to work from WiFi, and driver install (download from Xerox site as disk drivers are well behind) is very easy. Not so easy to set up Scan to Desktop via SMB or Scan to Email. Instructions a little vague on the finer points of setup, always instructing you to contact your system administrator! of which I don't have for home use! Instructions assume you're fully conversant with networking etc etc! Bit of tuition from You Tube sorted the problems though without having to contact helpdesks and printer now works a treat. Great quality prints and scans all round and would definitely recommend this machine.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 20/3/2019

    Good Printer (Xerox Phaser 3330DNi)

    Very good customer service. Someone rang me within 30 minutes of placing the order to confirm the printer was right for me. Order arrived the next day even though I ordered at 4pm. Decent packaging, and easy to install. Works perfectly at the moment.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 12/3/2019

    Xerox now for ever (Xerox VersaLink C7020DN)

    We bought one of the first in this country, for none of the four engineers who came had actually seen this model. The fault was eventually found, for at the factory it had been set with a tick in a box that made the prints to be scaled down by about 7%. Once this had been found and un-ticked everything has been fine and over the past year we have not had to call out an engineer. Only one niggle, if we bought the machine now it would come with a lifetime warranty. During the past 12 months we have got to know its little foibles and we are half way to becoming qualified Xerox engineers. Having said that, it is reliable and quietly gets on with the job. No way would we swap it!

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 6/3/2019

    Great printer and fantastic price! (Xerox WorkCentre 6515DNI)

    This printer is an amazing product for a start up business or even as a home printer. The connectivity and usability is very easy to get to grip with and the set up was a piece of cake! I would recommend that you have 2 people to lift and manoeuvre the printer as it is rather heavy but this is partly due to the printer coming with the toner and drums already installed which is handy. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to upgrade their printer or even as a new printer which it was for me.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 5/3/2019

    Very efficent (Xerox Workcentre 3335DNi)

    It is a good machine at a good price although tricky to setup initially.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 5/3/2019

    Xerox VersaLink C7020 - Review (Xerox VersaLink C7020DN)

    Purchase to replace our Xerox Phaser 7100. Purchased after being recommended by Printerland for its cost efficiency compared to the Phaser. Time will tell if this brings the cost of replacement parts/ink down but the customer care at Printerland was very good and they were extremely knowledgeable about the product. So far the print quality is fantastic and the printer itself is very quiet. What more could you want!

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 5/3/2019

    Amazing printerland service (Xerox Phaser 6510DN)

    I ordered my printer online and received a call from Jake at printerland to double check that I was purchasing the right printer for my needs. After a quick chat and some recommendations I changed my order to the Xerox. Best decision. Once I had set up and tested my printer I was delighted with the print quality. Exactly what I needed. Thanks Jake.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 28/2/2019

    printer (Xerox Phaser 6022)

    Printer arrived as promised with all the necessary leads to setup. Inks were already installed. Set up was a doddle, wps twice and a visit to the control panel. brilliant. prints quietly and with good quality.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 20/2/2019

    Xerox VersaLink C7020 (Xerox VersaLink C7020DN)

    PrinterLand were there for us when we needed a printer ASAP. They helped select the correct features for our needs and the extra options required. Even when Xerox failed to provide the support over the phone, PrinterLand were there and provided the support and details required. Can't fault them, will be on their website again for my next purchase.

*Page yields are declared by the manufacturer in accordance with ISO/IEC standards or occasionally estimated based on 5% per page coverage. Yields will vary greatly depending on image, area coverage, print mode and environmental conditions.

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VAT is payable at a rate of 20%

This calculation is based on current pricing which is subject to change over time and excludes the cost of additional long life components such as drums, fusers or other maintenance items.

*Page yields are declared by the manufacturer in accordance with ISO/IEC standards or occasionally estimated based on 5% coverage. Yield will vary greatly depending on image, area coverage, print mode and environmental conditions.

*Page yields are declared by the manufacturer in accordance with ISO/IEC standards or occasionally estimated based on 5% per page coverage. Yields will vary greatly depending on image, area coverage, print mode and environmental conditions.