What’s the Cheapest Printer to Run?

Printing Cheaply

Buying a printer is only the first step towards doing your business printing in-house, and it’s also only the first part of the financial costs you’ll incur by printing in-house.  

Although buying a printer itself is the highest one-off cost, it’s likely that you’ll end up spending more in ink or toner over the course of the printer’s lifespan. That’s why it’s important to choose a printer that’s going to offer the most long-term value, instead of just going for the cheapest model.

To learn how to print cheaply, you first have to understand what the running costs of a printer are, and how you can minimise them.

What makes a printer cheap to run?

There are a number of factors that go into making a printer cheap to run. Here’s what we think are the real factors that determine a low-cost printer in the long-term.

Consumables that offer value for money

Since ink or toner is going to make up the majority of the money you spend on your printer over its lifetime, this is the most important factor.

Although inkjet printers can be cheaper to buy upfront, and ink cartridges might be cheaper than toner, toner cartridges can generally print a larger number of pages, meaning they provide better value for money.

Low energy costs

The electricity that your printer uses is another cost factor that must be considered, especially in a business where it will be used a considerable amount. Choosing a printer that has eco-friendly, low energy use technology can reduce energy costs, but it may mean prints are slower.

Multi-function printers can also help you to save energy by reducing the number of individual devices you need in your office.


The reliability of a printer is another factor in its long-term costs, as any repair costs or time spent fixing problems will reduce the value for money it provides. Choosing a printer that’s renowned for reliability, from a manufacturer with a reputable technical support team or a comprehensive warranty is advised.

Managed printing solution

Managed printing is a new solution that businesses are using to better manage their printing costs.

With a managed print solution you pay a fixed cost for every page you print, maintenance and repairs are carried out by the manufacturer, and your toner use is monitored and delivered to you before you run out.

These packages can include a wide range of services and each provider will offer different combinations. They can help to minimise the actual cost per print, reduce the amount of work you have to put into maintaining your printer, and mean that you don’t have to stay on top of ordering consumables.

Printers with cheap running costs

Xerox C600DN

With an excellent max printing resolution of 1200×2400 dpi, blistering printing speeds of up to 53ppm in colour and monochrome, and a huge 550 sheet paper input tray, the Xerox C600DN is an outstanding printer.

It’s also outstandingly cheap to run, shipping with plenty of colour and black toner to get you started and offering cheaper energy bills as a result of its low power consumption. As a Xerox customer, you can also benefit from double reward points on genuine consumables.

Xerox Versalink C600 - Quiet Printers

Lexmark CS827DE

The Lexmark CS827DE offers a versatile combination of excellent print quality, great printing speeds, and built-in software that makes printing easier and more intuitive. It is particularly strong at colour reproduction, with 4800 Colour Quality and spot colour replacement making sure that colours print just how they should.

Automatic double-sided printing is one of the many features that means the Lexmark CS827DE will save you resources and money over its lifetime. Its media handling capabilities also mean that it can print comfortably on card and vinyl as well as paper, improving its versatility and meaning you can keep all of your printing in-house, saving more money.

Kyocera ECOSYS M8124CIDN

Bringing together the adaptability of all-in-one printers with the professional image and colour reproduction of a class-leading device, the ECOSYS M8124CIDN is a great choice if printing is important in your business.

It has a range of eco-friendly features that double up to make it an excellent cost-saver, including durable components, minimal energy costs, and a modular framework which means it can adapt to increases or decreases in demand – avoiding you having to buy a new printer when your printing needs grow.

kyocera m8124cidn Quiet Printers

Kyocera ECOSYS P3050DN

Another entry from Kyocera’s ECOSYS range, the P3050DN is a small form factor printer with large capabilities. It’s the perfect printer for fast printing in monochrome, with speeds of up to 50ppm. With two different paper trays, the P3050DN can also switch effortlessly between two different types of paper.

With enough toner in the box for 8000 pages of printing, a 2-year warranty to give you peace of mind, and outstanding reliability, the Kyocera P3050DN is also a great choice if you’re looking to keep costs low over the life of your printer.

kyocera p3050dn Quiet Printers