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Best Printers For Cardstock

If you haven’t printed on cardstock or heavy paper before, it is always a good idea to check the specifications of a printer first to find out its media handling capabilities. Most cardstock weighs between 250 to 300gsm so we would recommend looking for a printer that can comfortably handle heavy paper weights, as without this, the card may not feed correctly and result in paper jams, waste, or potential damage to the printer. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our best printers for cardstock based on media handling, quality and performance.


Xerox VersaLink C7000DN A3 Colour LED Laser Printer

Up to 1,200 x 2,400 dpi Print | USB, Network & NFC | Windows & Mac Compatible | 5-Inch Colour Touch Screen | Automatic Double Sided Printing View Product

If you require a high-performance A3 multifunction printer, the Xerox VersaLink C7020DN is designed to deliver consistent high-quality, fast printing and reliability. It offers a host of functionality including print, scan and copy capability with automatic double-sided printing and duplex scanning and copying via the 110-sheet DADF. It can handle a variety of different media types up to 256gsm from plain paper, bond, recycled and pre-printed to heavyweight cardstock, glossy cardstock, and extra heavyweight labels. The C7020DN features a large 7-inch colour touch screen and mobile printing options via AirPrint and Mopria to offer users ultimate connectivity and an easy-to-use interface.

  • Handles media up to 256gsm
  • Up to 35ppm A4 Colour & Mono Print
  • AirPrint & Mopria Certified
  • Benchmark Security Features with Xerox ConnectKey and Secure Print Technology
  • Continue printing in mono even if the printer is out of colour toners
  • Up to 5 Years On-Site Warranty*
  • Ships with 5.3k Black and 3.3k Colour Toners
  Free Next Day Delivery*
Business Price £693.00
ex VAT @ 20%
inc VAT
79 In Stock

Epson WorkForce WF-7840DTWF A3+ Colour Multifunction Inkjet Printer

Print/Scan/Copy/Fax | Windows & Mac Compatible | USB, Network, Wireless & Wi-Fi Direct | 10.9cm Colour Touch Screen | Up to 4,800 x 2,400 dpi Print View Product

If speed, media handling and versatility are top priorities, the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-7840DTWF has got you covered. Print speeds reach up to 22ppm in colour and up to 32ppm in mono, with duplex printing available as standard. Quality is not compromised either, as it can produce documents up to an astounding 4,800 x 2,400 dpi resolution. The Epson WorkForce Pro WF-7840DTWF features print, scan, copy and fax functionality, dual 250-sheet input trays and a 50-sheet duplex automatic document feeder to keep productivity levels as high as possible.

  • Handles Media up to 255gsm
  • 2 x 250 Sheet Input Trays
  • Automatic Double Sided Printing
  • Rear Paper Path
  • AirPrint & Mopria Certified
  • £60 Cashback
  • Save up to 70% on the Cost of Ink with Epson ReadyPrint Flex*
  • 3 Months of Free Ink and 3 Year Warranty with Advantage Plus
  Free Next Day Delivery*
Business Price £188.25
ex VAT @ 20%
inc VAT
99+ In Stock

Xerox VersaLink C600DN A4 Colour Laser Printer

Up to 1,200 x 2,400 dpi Print| Up to 53ppm Colour Print| Windows & Mac Compatible| USB & Network | 5 Inch Capacitive Colour Touch Screen | Up to 220gsm Print View Product
Up to 1200 x 2400 dpi Print,Up to 53ppm Colour Print,Windows & Mac Compatible,USB & Network,5 Inch Capacitive Colour Touch Screen, Up to 220gsm Print The Xerox VersaLink C600DN A4 Colour Laser Printer allows users to create a host of high-quality prints using cardstock media. With the ability to print on media up to 220gsm and up to 53ppm colour print speeds, the Xerox C600DN is ideal for producing high quality cardstock prints quickly. The 5 inch capacitive touch screen allows for easy access to all of the C600DN’s features and cutting edge security with ConnectKey Technology ensures data is protected against cyber-attacks.
  • Up to 1200 x 2400 dpi Print
  • Up to 53ppm Colour Print
  • Windows & Mac Compatible
  • USB & Network
  • 5 Inch Capacitive Colour Touch Screen
  • Up to 220gsm Print
  • £20 Instant Cashback Using Coupon Code PLXER20
  • Up to 5 Years On-Site Warranty*
  • Lowest Running Costs of Any Colour Laser Printer Under £750
  • Ships with 6k Colour & 10k Black Toner
  Free Next Day Delivery*
Business Price £516.65
ex VAT @ 20%
inc VAT
99+ In Stock

Epson EcoTank ET-4850 A4 Colour Multifunction Inkjet Printer

Print/Scan/Copy/Fax | USB, Network, Wireless & Wi-Fi Direct | Automatic Double Sided Printing | Windows & Mac Compatible | 6.1cm Colour LCD Touch Screen View Product

With outstanding versatility and performance, the Epson EcoTank ET-4850 is the perfect choice for users requiring a fast, economical 4-in-1 solution. Featuring USB, network, wireless, Wi-Fi direct and a range of mobile printing options, this versatile inkjet printer enables users to print however, whenever and whatever they need. Its 6.1cm LCD colour touch screen is user-friendly and allows easy access to all print, scan and copy functions. The ET-4850 also supports a variety of Epson heavyweight media types up to 300gsm and features a maximum print resolution of up to 4,800 x 1,200 dpi to produce professional printouts of the highest quality.

  • Handles Media up to 300gsm
  • Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi Print Resolution
  • Up to 33ppm Mono Print
  • Up to 20ppm Colour Print
  • Apple AirPrint Compatible
  • £60 Cashback
  • Free 5 Year Warranty
  • Shipped with 14K Black & 5.2k CMY Inks*
  • 0.2p per Mono Page, 0.6p per Colour Page*
  Free Next Day Delivery*
Business Price £293.00
ex VAT @ 20%
inc VAT
5 In Stock

Xerox VersaLink C8000DT A3 Colour Laser Printer

USB & Network | Up to 1200 x 2400 dpi Print | Automatic Double Sided Printing | 2 x 520 Sheet Input Trays | 5 Inch Colour LCD Touch Screen View Product

The Xerox VersaLink C8000DT is a great choice for users looking for versatile media handling and exceptional quality printing. This A3 printer can print at up to 1,200 x 2,400 dpi resolution meaning images are vibrant and text is well-defined. It features two 520 sheet input trays which can support thick cardstock up to 300gsm as well as supporting media including envelopes, letterhead, labels and glossy cardstock. It also features USB and network connectivity as standard, with mobile printing support via Mopria for Android and Apple AirPrint.

  • Prints up to 300gsm
  • Up to 45ppm (A4) / Up to 22ppm (A3) Colour & Mono Print
  • AirPrint & Mopria Certified
  • Windows & Mac Compatible
  • Continue printing in mono even if the printer is out of colour toners
  • Up to 5 Years On-Site Warranty*
  • Lowest Running Costs & Best Print Quality in its Class
  • Ships with 12k Black & 8k CMY Toners
  Free Next Day Delivery*
Business Price £1,179.00
ex VAT @ 20%
inc VAT
76 In Stock

Advantages of a 300gsm Printer

A printer capable of printing on cardstock of 300gsm or above needs to be robust and reliable. Passing such heavy media through the complex internal mechanisms within the printer is no mean feat!

Most 300gsm card printers are likely to have a manual feed option, or a bypass tray which allows the thicker card to pass through the printer withought being bent or folder around the twists and turns of the main paper path from tray to output. It's important to follow the correct process in order to ensure your expensive, heavy media does not end up causing a dredded paper jam. Paper jams can be common if the media is not treated carefully or if the wrong paper source or settings are used, and at a minimum can cause unwanted wastage or more seriously could cause irreversible damage to your printer.

Here at Printerland, we can provide advice to ensure your card printer is the perfect accompaniment to your business print output needs, whether that be for producing formal wedding invitations or greeting cards to presentation folders, business cards or artwork.

What about 250gsm Printers?

Those wishing to print on 250gsm or 256gsm may well have more choice when choosing a new card printer. The slight thinner media is able to pass through the printer paper path more easily, so the robustness called for in a 300gsm printer is not quite as important.

256gsm printers are still required to have the same reliability as their heavier counterparts, but only needing to print on thicknesses big enough to produce flyers or leaflets for example, is naturally a slightly easier task.

those users printing in a home office setting for crafting or personal use for example will find suitable options in our inkjet printers range. These printers are generally smaller, with a compact footprint, whilst still packing enough punch to cope with heavier media weights.

Business users printing higher quantities on 250gsm+ printers will likely be better off with a reliable workhorse of a laser printer. Laser printers can be slightly larger than their inkjet friends, but they'll cope far easier with the demands of high volume printing onto cardstock.

Why does cardstock require a different type of printer?

greeting card prints on cardstock

You may be wondering why you can't simply use your standard office printer for printing on card.

It's a very similar process to printing on a standard sheet of paper, so you might expect a standard inkjet or laser printer to be able to handle thicker materials such as cardstock, but that's not always the case.

Cardstock printers are specifically manufactured to be able to print on heavyweight paper types such as cardstock - whilst you can attempt to print on this type of material with a standard printer, you run the risk of causing damage to both the card and the device via paper jams, so we'd always suggest that you utilise a printer that's designed to handle heavyweight card stock.

If you want to check whether your current printer is capable of printing on cardstock paper, you'll want to take a look at the device's specifications.

In particular, keep an eye out for the printer's supported weight range - if your printing material's weight falls within this weight category, you should be okay to start printing!

The other key feature to look out for is paper capacity. If you're only planning to print a small number of cards, you may be able to use a smaller printer, but for larger jobs, you'll likely need a printer with a larger paper tray to allow for smoother production.

Here's a complete look at the features that you should look out for when looking for a new printer for cardstock printing:

Remember to consider print quality

If a printer cannot produce high-quality images that accurately reflect the designs that you are looking to print, the device is not fit for purpose.

There are a couple of factors that will impact the print quality that you see in your final product - these are:

  • Print head technology
  • DPI, or dots per inch
  • Material quality
  • Ink/Toner quality

When you're browsing printers, you'll want to pay close attention to that stated DPI.

A higher dots per inch number essentially means that the printer is more accurate in the way that it places the ink onto the page. This results in a print that resembles the source image/document more accurately, giving you a final product that you'll feel confident displaying for its intended purpose, such as on a marketing display or on the shelves as a consumer-focused product offering like a birthday card.

Make sure the printer can handle different media sizes

cardstock post card

There's a wide range of different sizes that you might choose to print in, depending on what your work dictates.

If you're making greetings cards, you'll want to be able to print in a couple of different sizes such as A5, A4, and A3 - these are some of the most common card sizes that you'll see in stores, but you'll be free to print in any size that's within the maximum print size of the printer, so feel free to get creative!

As a general rule, you'll find that larger print formats will naturally require thicker paper to maintain structural integrity - thinner paper will not retain its shape as well as heavier paper will and this can result in damage occurring more easily.

How to get the perfect print on cardstock

Now that you've got your device purchased and ready to start printing, it's time to start thinking about the printing process.

Materials can be costly so you'll want to avoid waste where possible, but that's not always easy, especially if it's your first time printing on a different type of paper.

To help you keep costs low, we've gathered some of our top tips for getting the perfect cardstock print every time - follow these guidelines and we're sure that you'll be well on your way to achieving impressive print quality in no time!

Set the right document size

One of the most common pitfalls that users fall into when printing using a new printer is using the wrong document size, resulting in a print that's bigger or smaller than intended.

Instantly, this results in waste materials, which is something that every user will be looking to avoid, particularly during business use.

Before you click the 'print' button, take the time to check that you've formatted your source document in the right size - by simply checking this, you can avoid unfortunate mishaps and ensure that every print is ready to use as soon as it's delivered out of the printer.

You can edit the size of your document to fit the paper that you’re using in the pre-print dialogue box - just follow the instructions and you'll be able to scale your document to the size that you desire.

Get the orientation right

The next thing to keep an eye out for is orientation - this is another subtlety that's easily missed, but it's incredibly important and could stop you from wasting paper as well as ink/toner.

The default orientation in most documents will be 'portrait', which means the image that's printed out will be taller than it is wide.

This is ideal for documents such as an itinerary or a poster, which tend to be presented in a portrait style.

On the other hand, you could choose to print in a 'landscape' orientation - this is a style that's shorter and wider, which is better suited to documents such as photographs and artwork.

The main issue that you may encounter if you forget to alter the orientation of your document is that part of the image is cut off above or to the sides, or a print that's printed in the wrong direction and therefore appears stretched to fit the size of the paper.

Whilst it's important to set your orientation within your document, it's equally important to ensure that you've done the same for your printer driver too. Most printers will have specific options for printing in landscape or portrait, so just follow the manual instructions provided with your device to accurately set your device to print in the correct orientation.

Colour printing vs mono printing

The final thing that you need to consider before you send your print request is the colour settings.

Whilst some documents, such as art prints and photography, are best suited to being printed out in eye-catching full colour, others are best suited to the clear and reserved appearance of a monochrome print.

It can also be far more cost-efficient to print in black and white, so if you're planning to replicate the same document in high quantities, such as worksheets for use in a classroom, you may find that there's a considerable cost saving to be made when switching to monochrome printing.

If you do intend to print in colour, you'll need to ensure that you purchase a colour printer. Some printers only offer the ability to print in black and white (these printers tend to be budget printers that help you to print for less), so you will want to ensure that the printer you invest in is capable of utilising coloured ink or toner as opposed to just mono toner/ink.

Cardstock printer FAQs

Can you print on cardstock?

cardstock template

With the right printer, yes!

Printing on cardstock is a great way to create sturdy, high-quality prints that are suitable for display, sale, or any other purpose you wish!

To print on cardstock, we'd recommend investing in a cardstock-compatible printer to avoid paper jams and other problems arising.

Cardstock printers are specifically designed to be able to handle heavier paper and card - these are thicker materials and therefore they require a printing system that has a wider opening and a printhead that's designed to print onto different materials without streaking or blemishes.

Is it difficult to print on cardstock?

No, the best way to avoid issues is to use a cardstock printer and ensure that you're utilising the right printing settings on your document and printer.

With most documents and devices, you'll be able to specify that you're printing onto heavy-duty material and the printer will automatically adapt the printing process to both the weight of the media and the finish, such as glossy or matte.

By using the correct equipment, you'll guarantee a higher success rate in your prints, so be sure to spend the time finding the right printer and paper combination for your activities.

What are the different types of cardstock?

Cardstock types can be viewed in three different ways - size, weight, and finish.

In terms of size, the most common types of cardstock that you'll encounter are:

  • 6 x 6 inches
  • 8 x 8 inches
  • 8 1/2 x 11 inches
  • 12 x 12 inches

In terms of weight, the most common paper weights that you'll encounter are:

  • 40 – 110gsm – Tracing paper
  • 40 – 55gsm – Newsprint
  • 80gsm – Standard printer paper
  • 100 – 150gsm – Regular cardstock/promotional poster materials
  • 180 – 250gsm – Heavy-weight drawing paper/Bristol paper
  • 300+gsm – Business cards/postcards

In terms of finish, the most common types of cardstock that you'll encounter are:

  • Glossy
  • Matte
  • Vellum
  • Textured
  • Glitter
  • Iridescent

Can you print on glossy cardstock?

Glossy cardstock is an immensely popular material to use for printing, especially for arts and crafts such as greeting cards, invitations and menus, but the slick finish that the paper has can cause problems if you’re using the wrong device.

Due to the glossy finish, the ink finds it much more difficult to soak into the printer paper as it would with a matte finish material - with the wrong device and settings, this can cause the end product to be inaccurate or blemished.

Before you print onto glossy paper, here are a few things to check:

  • Does your printer have a specific setting for glossy paper? If so, make sure you’re using it!
  • Make sure you’re using glossy paper that’s compatible with your printer
  • Make sure you’re only feeding through one piece of paper at a time
  • Give the print plenty of time to dry once complete

Get in touch with our experts or browse our range here on our website!

Whether it’s a compact cardstock printer for crafts at home or a large-scale printing device for mass-producing prints for sale, we’re sure that we’ll be able to find a printer that works for you.

Give us a call or send us an email today to ask any questions you might have.

Alternatively, you can continue learning by heading over to our knowledge base, where you’ll find guides to the best printers in a wide range of different categories!

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*Page yields are declared by the manufacturer in accordance with ISO/IEC standards or occasionally estimated based on 5% per page coverage. Yields will vary greatly depending on image, area coverage, print mode and environmental conditions.