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HP LaserJet Pro Reviews

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 5/9/2018

    SSINV434612 (HP 126A Black Toner Cartridge (1,200 pages))

    Very good prompt service

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 3/9/2018

    The ink keeps flowing (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    Wanted to wait until the ink had run out before publishing my testimonial but the ink seems to keep going. I have used over half a ream of paper and the ink is still flowing. I have printed complicated documents with pictures which really use up the ink but the cartridge is still going. The cartridge was very easy to upload and there was no mess, not even a little ink on my fingers which my previous ink cartridges give. Would definitely recommend these cartridges

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 2/9/2018

    Fab and Quality. (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    I found the toner extremely easy to change & has been very very reliable. So many cause many problems within printers, but absolutely not this one. Very very impressed.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 29/8/2018

    Best price and service (HP 410X Toner Value Pack (CMY-5,000 Pages, K-6,500 Pages))

    This company go over and above with regards pricing and service for our office toner cartridges. They offer such a good deal on multiples and multi-colour toner packs that it is worth ordering more at a cheaper price. Customer service is second to none. Delivery is extrememly fast. Very happy with this company and would recommend. Annie

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 28/8/2018

    Premium quality toner cartridge (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    It is a little hard to know how to comment on laser toner. However there are some things that make genuine toner cartridges worth the undoubted extra cost. The main one is reliability. I have tried a number of generic supplies and whilst some are good, some are dreadful - some leak, others dry up after very few sheets have gone through them. I haven't had that happen with HP's own cartridge. Beside that reliability is a proper guarantee that the cartridge does meet the proper standard and won't damage your machine. Like so much you get what you pay for. This cartridge is official manufacturer specification and does just what you expect it to do

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 25/8/2018

    Quick to change and good quality (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    The cartridge replacement was simple and obvious, and the printer was up and running again very quickly, with excellent quality immediately.

  • 4.75 ( 4.75/5) by 25/8/2018

    Excellent quality (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    Really easy to use, insert and replace. Quality printing. The only downside is the cost but for a toner cartridge it is good value for money

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 24/8/2018

    Does what you want (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    Easy to fit, easy to take out. I haven't run it out yet, so I'm not sure about longevity. The price of £50 seems reasonable for toner.

  • 4.75 ( 4.75/5) by 20/8/2018

    Decent Quality Toner Cartridge (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    Excellent quality toner cartridge. Well built, solidly packed and appears to be sturdy, producing high quality images. Have used a number of substitutes in the past, though not for this particular printer, and have always regretted the choice. This prints well and does what it is supposed to. Seal tab design appears to have improved because for once I didn't forget to remove it whilst installing. Only thing I can't comment on is how long they last as still in the printer.

  • 4.25 ( 4.25/5) by 15/8/2018

    Identical Original (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    #HPPrinters #TheInsidersUK #HPLaserJetProMFPM28w I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review. The spare additional HP 44A Original LaserJet Toner Cartridge is always handy to use when needed. The box was well packed and cartridge came with sides and front seals. Prior to installation, these seals are needed to remove. HP 44A Original LaserJet Toner Cartridge is the exactly identical to the cartridge which came with the printer. The cartridge is installed the same way as the original was installed. The quality of printing clear and even small fonts are printed fine. Any problems, have a watch this YouTube video,

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 13/8/2018

    Professional quality everytime! (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    Fantastic cartridge, sharp clean print and professional quality everytime! Highly recommended!

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 13/8/2018

    Worth the price (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    Not really a lot can be said about a printer cartridge but this one is definitely worth the price. It's easy to fit with no mess and produces really good quality printing. Every print from start to finish comes out with sharp edges, no smudges and is very black, not a darkish grey black like some inks can be.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 8/8/2018

    Quality is worth paying more for! (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    You get what you pay for with this. Yes you can buy a compatible one for less money but the print quality is less and the yield will be diminished. This is easy to install and look like it’s going to last for a long time. I imagine this is designed to be for a home printer only so the results will reflect this. I’ve used this a lot for nearly 2 weeks and the quality remains. Faultless product from HP

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 7/8/2018

    Quality Cartridge (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    Good quality printing from the cartridge. Easy to install and remove transit packaging before use.

  • 4.75 ( 4.75/5) by 6/8/2018

    Excellent Quality Prints (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    Easy to unbox, untab and install. Took me all of a minute to replace my current toner cartridge. Prints approx 1000 pages. The print quality of the black ink is strong and steady. I didn't notice any fading until approx page 990! Recommend this highly.

  • 4.25 ( 4.25/5) by 6/8/2018

    Toner cartridge last for ages (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    I've had this a few weeks now and have done lots of printing with it and the cartridge seems to be holding up very well. The printing quality is excellent too. The cartridge does seem quite pricey for what I would normally pay. However, if it''s going to last a very long time it is probably worth the extra expense. Good purchase.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 6/8/2018

    Quality (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    genuine toner; quick dry and not leaving any mark on the paper

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 4/8/2018

    Great cartrdige (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    Nothing beats a genuine product especially for performance and durability. Cost is the only negative as it cost half the price of the printers it is compatible for.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 3/8/2018

    great price and quantity of printing (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    So simple to change over cartridges, no mess or hassle. You can print a lot of pages from one cartridge so is great value for money.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 2/8/2018

    Excellent Quality - No Mess (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    This is an excellent quality genuine product. Super simple to remove the transit packaging as it is coloured bright orange. Took less than 30 seconds to load to the printer and no mess or ink on my fingers. Gives superb print quality.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 1/8/2018

    Quality ink (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    Excellent quality of print, nice rich black. Easy to install

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 23/7/2018

    Clear choice for me (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    great quality. No point of comparison when using original supplies in terms of quality and printer durability

  • 4.50 ( 4.5/5) by 28/6/2018

    Super product (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    really strong color strength

  • 4.50 ( 4.5/5) by 28/6/2018

    Easy to use, good colour quality (HP 44A Black Toner Cartridge (1,000 Pages))

    Good value for the price

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 14/11/2017

    Always the cheapest option and superfast delivery (HP 410X Magenta Toner Cartridge (5000 Pages))

    Printerland always seems to have what I need in stock, available for next day delivery and at the cheapest price, with offers on as well.