What is Solid Ink?

Solid ink is a proven colour printing technology only offered by Xerox. A solid ink printer or multifunction printer uses solid sticks (or blocks) of no-mess, non-toxic ink instead of toner or inkjet cartridges. Solid ink is easy to use, produces incredible colour print quality, is cost-effective, and is very good for the environment. 
The Ink

  • Non-toxic ink is resin-based, similar to a crayon, so the sticks are safe to handle by anyone
  • No-mess ink won’t stain your clothes or your skin
  • Capacities of ink sticks can be up to 1,000 or 2,300 pages depending on the device
  • Load up to 5 sticks at a time (depending on device) of each colour in a solid ink device for long, uninterrupted printing
  • Stringent manufacturing of the ink ensures colours will be consistent – 100% of all ink is inspected, not a statistical sampling, which is commonly used

  • Outstanding Print Quality*

  • Solid ink prints the same great colour regardless of paper type.
  • Precision dot registration due to single pass architecture.
  • Colour optimisation for computer screen matching and professional press matching

  • Easy to Use

  • Ink sticks are simple to load and uniquely shaped, so they can't be placed in the wrong slot.
  • Ink dries instantly -- no smudging!

  • Xerox Solid Ink for Colour Printing

    With a low entry price and cost per page, solid ink products truly give customers the most value for their
    Solid ink produces brilliant, vibrant prints on a wide range of media, allowing you to confidently bring your print jobs in-house. Solid ink is also the easiest technology on the market to use, and it's easy on the environment with 90% less waste than a typical colour laser printer.

    At last we can offer colour for the price of black and white to our customers

    Same low price

    Using colour in business-critical documents is the easiest way to achieve the best results — more sales, better retention, higher response rates and fewer mistakes. The Phaser 8860 printer and 8860MFP multifunction printer make it easier and more affordable than ever.


    Welcome to the world of solid ink — a place where bright, vivid colour for the same low cost of black-and-white is just the beginning. It’s where all of our colours — cyan, magenta, yellow and black — become green.

  • Xerox solid ink, has a cartridge-free design and minimal packaging
  • Less energy used during manufacturing, drastically reduced landfill waste
  • Less storage space for better transportation efficiency and far fewer delivery trucks on the road

  • For every 100,000 printed pages, a solid ink printer generates approximately 2.5 kg of landfill waste, compared to approximately 70 kg for a typical colour laser.

    The bottom line?

    *Please note: Solid ink can not be laminated