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If your business is looking for a high quality machine to scan documents, we are able to provide a range of scanners that can create digital copies of existing paperwork and hand-outs.

Whether it be clippings of your company in a magazine, or a poster that’s been created as promotional material, our scanners are able to capture images and convert them into a digital file to be used on your PC, laptop or another device. These digital copies can then be manipulated using various computer software and transformed into either image or text files.

The most common connectivity option is to connect scanners to a PC through a USB port and cable.

Document scanners for Home Use

We have a number of flatbed scanners that can be used within your business to scan single documents at high resolutions. This kind of cheap scanner for documents is usually used with photographs and graphical images due to their horizontal positioning, and are a popular choice for the home user who wishes to scan individual products for their own personal use.

Scanners for Business Use

Our range of sheet fed scanners are great for business use as they permit large volumes of paperwork to be scanned in a short period of time, with the final copies being compiled into a single finalised document at the end. Comparably, these kinds of scanners are much quicker and enable large text documents to be reproduced at a higher and more efficient rate.

To find out how to choose the best scanner for your business’ or home needs, feel free to contact the Printerland team on 0800 840 1992. Our experts are here to provide you with advice on printing systems and getting the most out of your printing consumables.

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What our customers think...
  • Neill Davison 22 November 2017 5 / 5 Value 5 Features 5 Quality 5 Performance 5 Excellent scanner (Brother ADS-2400N )

    Fantastic bit of kit. Scans really quickly and sheet feeder works faultlessly, even with different sized paper and quality. I set it up to scan over the network to a folder on the server which works great. Howe ... read more..

  • John Furlong 26 September 2017 5 / 5 Value 5 Features 5 Quality 5 Performance 5 Happy Customer ! (Epson Perfection V850 Pro)

    Very impressed with the scanner - easy to set up and use. Excellent after-sale communication from Printerland and superfast delivery. Many thanks ! ... read more..

  • Karen Houghton 18 February 2017 5 / 5 Value 5 Features 5 Quality 5 Performance 5 Amazing scanner! (Brother PDS-5000 )

    Thrilled with this scanner - super fast at scanning multiple sheets but really compact. Many of my documents are 100 sheets and previously had a really slow feeder. This scanner has literally changed my working ... read more..

  • Alice Bone 22 June 2016 5 / 5 Value 5 Features 5 Quality 5 Performance 5 GOod (Xerox DocuMate 3115)

    GREAT SERVICE ... read more..

Running Costs

-All consumable life cycles are manufacturer estimates based on 5% coverage per A4 page