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Printerland teams up with Sale Sharks to promote inclusion at local school

Sale Sharks rugby stars, Josh Strauss and Cameron Neild, joined Printerland employees earlier this month to talk to students and deliver free match tickets to Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College in Altrincham.

During the visit, Josh and Cameron discussed the importance of persistence, resilience and motivation in sport, as well as their personal journeys that led to them playing top-level rugby. Students were delighted to meet the first-team players, and many will attend the Sale Sharks vs Saracens game at the AJ Bell Stadium in November.

Community engagement is integral to our role as key sponsors for Sale Sharks, and supports our message of inclusion through sport. By offering these tickets to schoolchildren in Altrincham, we hope to encourage more people into rugby.

John Cornally, headmaster at Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College, said: “A positive attitude is something we like to instil in all our pupils. Hearing this from the Sale Sharks players first hand will leave a lasting impression on our students.

“Our sincere thanks go to Printerland for their generosity with the ticket giveaway and their continued focus on community engagement. Our students can’t wait for the game.”

Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College is a leading Altrincham school, with a fully integrated sports academy, including a 3G pitch, a MUGA pitch and netball and tennis courts. Sports education is a pivotal part of what the school offers pupils, making it the ideal choice for re-introducing our inclusion programme this year.

To date, the scheme has allowed us to give away 6,000 tickets to a variety of schools and community groups across the North West. Our involvement with BTHCC is the first of many community outreach events planned for the 2018-2019 season.To ensure that you remain up to date with all the latest Printerland news, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn


Sale High School Helps Kick Off New Season

Printerland are delighted to have supplied 70 tickets for a group of Sale High School students to experience the Sale Sharks vs Worcester Warriors rugby match at the AJ Bell Stadium.

All of us at Printerland take pride in our sponsorship with Sale Sharks as we always love to get involved with promoting inclusiveness and introducing new audiences to rugby. We are pleased to have donated the tickets to a local high school and given the opportunity for the students to get involved in the game.

The high school students were able to watch fantastic tries from Josh Beaumont and Denny Solomona which contributed towards Sale Sharks first victory of the season, securing an amazing 21-15 win. Printerland continues to wish Sale Sharks all the success for the rest of the season.


Printerland invites Seashell Trust & first LGBT team to Sharks game

Students from the Seashell Trust along with players from the newly established LGBT rugby team, Lancashire Typhoons were given the chance to experience a Sale Sharks rugby match against the Wasps at the AJ Bell Stadium via tickets donated by Printerland.

The Seashell Trust students and LGBT rugby team enjoyed a nail-biting rugby match stacked with entertainment. The Sharks secured a 28-27 win over the wasps, making the trip for the guests an exhilarating and exciting experience.

The Greater Manchester based charity, Seashell Trust provides support throughout the UK for young children and adults aged between 2 – 25 with complex learning disabilities. With the help and support of experienced staff, students who attend the Seashell Trust’s school or college are given the opportunity to develop their skills and become a creative, independent individual.


South African Success - with Sale Sharks

In 2012 the South African side of Printerland was born – and we are now celebrating almost 6 years of business and a record year of sales for our South African team!

So through our sponsorship of Aviva Premiership Rugby Team Sale Sharks, we decided to ask a few South African Sharks members what they miss and love most about their home in South Africa.

From insights into safari wildlife and enjoying time with friends and family around a bright fire, to giving us a taste of the South African sunshine, Byron McGuigan, Josh Strauss and Faf De Klerk take us on a journey through South African life.

Printerland were delighted to have signed a new deal in 2016 to sponsor Sale Sharks, and we have been proud to work alongside them on various occasions ever since.


Printerland Welcomes All

‘Project Rugby’ is a large-scale project supported by Premiership Rugby and England Rugby specially designed to enable people with additional needs or disabilities or those without to play together. This ethos of acceptance and inclusiveness is something we at Printerland believe makes rugby as special a game as it is, and so we were overjoyed to be able to invite over 50 Mixed Ability Rugby players to attend the recent Aviva Premiership match between Sale Sharks and Worcester Warriors at the AJ Bell Stadium.

The group of people who enjoyed the match had a wide range of difficulties that could make day to day life challenging such as autism, hearing and visual impairments as well as learning difficulties. All here at Printerland were eager to be able to help them all have an extraordinary experience they could remember forever.

In a bid to make this game as memorable as we could for the Mixed Ability group, with help from Sale Sharks we were able to organise a pre-match training session as well as a half-time rugby display on the AJ Bell Stadium Pitch. Simon Leather, part of Sale Sharks Community Rugby & Inclusion Coaches team, said “They invited us to Sixways in December and for many of the individuals having experiences like this is so beneficial for their personal development, both in terms of increasing their self-confidence and resilience along with coping socially in a very challenging environment.’’

We pride ourselves on ensuring that the opportunity we were given to sponsor Sale Sharks continually helps to introduce new audiences to rugby, to promote inclusiveness and to benefit those who may never have had the chance to attend or be involved in a rugby match before. ‘’Seeing the Mixed Ability group get involved so enthusiastically with this experience and even benefit from it makes all of us here at Printerland grateful to be given the chance to help!” says Printerland MD Graham Vickers.

We aim to continue providing these once-in-a-lifetime days for as many as possible in the future.


Supporting the Armed Forces

Here at Printerland, we are always looking for new ways to attract new audiences to rugby and to promote inclusiveness and equality. We are delighted to have supplied over 80 tickets to veterans who have engaged in the Sharks Forces project and 16 to local serving reservists. Many attendees had served in conflicts in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

At the recent Premiership Saracens match at the AJ Bell Stadium, the Sales Sharks officially signed the Armed Forces Covenant. Prior to kick-off, the club’s co owners, Simon Orange and Gen Mason along with Sale Sharks Community Trust Executive Directory, Johnny Acheson, pledged the clubs support to the military in a very special ceremony. The signing of the Covenant is a written and voluntary pledge to support the British Armed Forces community.

Craig Monaghan, a soldier who suffered serious injuries whilst serving in Afghanistan and who now serves as the Sharks’ Armed Forces project officer stated:

“It was fantastic to be given the opportunity to bring so many veterans together in one place and on such an important night.

The atmosphere was electric, and it was thoroughly enjoyable to be a part of. It was fantastic for and the club to allow so many deserving people the opportunity to witness the signing.”

We are truly elated to hear that along with Craig, many of the former military personnel thoroughly enjoyed their visit, some of whom were experiencing their first time at a live rugby game.


Printerland Inks Deal with Salford Red Devils

All of us at Printerland are thrilled to announce that we are now the Official Website Sponsor of the Salford Red Devils!

For the past two 2 years the Printerland branding has been visible on the East Stand of the AJ Bell Stadium through our continued sponsorship of Sale Sharks Rugby Union Club. Adding Rugby league residents Salford Red Devils further enhances our ability to promote Rugby to new audiences.

We are looking forward to our new sponsorship with the Red Devils and are happy to be expanding our access to many more fans in the Betfred Super League.

Salford Red Devils’ MD Ian Laithwaite said:

“Joining forces with a company of the size and stature of Printerland continues to show our determination to drive our own brand forward. The fact they sell one in every three laser printers bought in the UK should give an indication of their importance.Printerland are active within rugby union and our community already so bringing them into rugby league is a great move for both parties. We look forward to working with them as we move forward.”

Printerland CEO James Kight stated:

“We have a long-standing passion for all things ‘Rugby’ and our new sponsorship deal with Salford is a great addition to aid our commitment to encourage the local community to take part in the sport.”

“We’re looking forward to a new partnership with a club with such a great history and working to help drive success in its exciting future ahead.”


The Wingate Centre's First Game

The Wingate Centre in Nantwich is an independent charity that dedicate themselves to improving the lives of children and young people with physical and learning disabilities. Every year hundreds of visitors attend the centre for short breaks, activity days or recreational activities.

Here at Printerland, we wanted to promote the incredible work being done and are always excited to introduce new audiences to rugby so invited over 50 guests from Wingate to the recent Anglo-Welsh Cup match with Northampton held in the AJ Bell Stadium.

Spirits were high on the night of the game as Vicky Irwin, Sharks Community Trust Inclusion Officer, noted, “having the Wingate Centre’s clients and volunteers attend the game as Printerland guests provided a unique opportunity for them to experience a Sale Sharks game.’’ Many of the young people who attend the Wingate Centre are courageously living with disabilities that mean day-to-day life can be limited and so this large social event may have been stressful, however, having the Quiet Room facility at the AJ Bell Stadium allows individuals the opportunity to come along with the reassurance that this wonderful facility is available just a short walk from their seats”.

All at Printerland were truly overjoyed to hear that the group enjoyed the game as well as the opportunity to meet Sale Sharks’ Tongan star Halani Aulika , who is one of the Shark’s official disability ambassadors, and to take a photo with him on the pitch during half-time.

Catherine Cook, Marketing and Fundraising manager for the Wingate Centre, said “We can't thank Printerland and Sale Sharks enough for inviting us along to the match on Saturday. Everyone had a great time! We really appreciate the opportunity and we are looking forward to working with Sale Sharks more over the coming weeks and months.”

We are happy to hear that as the Shark’s Community Trust is developing a special partnership to begin a unique initiative to take their Disability & Inclusive Rugby programme into the area and to use the Wingate’s specialist facilities to help provide a range of activities for local disabled people, can continually be involved in promoting the work the incredible people at Wingate Centre do, as well as provide opportunities for more.

Printerland MD Graham Vickers added “we have always loved being able to promote inclusiveness and to be able to see what this event meant for the people at Wingate was really our pleasure.”


#InclusiveSharks is delighted to have supplied tickets for over 50 charity volunteers to the Sale Sharks vs Bath game at the AJ Bell Stadium.

The lucky volunteers from charities Dementia Friends & Coffee4Craig attended the match with seating provided in the stand.

Dementia Friends is a government funded initiative designed to improve public awareness of dementia and it's effects.

The Coffee4Craig charity works with the homeless community providing hot food, drinks and support.

Printerland MD Graham Vickers said, 'It's great to be able to provide these volunteers with an experience like this. The work these charities do is invaluable to their causes and the least we can do is show our appreciation any way we can.'

Events like this come as part of a continued effort to promote inclusiveness and help attract new audiences to rugby.Sale Sharks went on to beat Bath in a convincing 32-9 victory.


Printerland Supports East Cheshire Hospice is proud to announce that we have raised £1,800 for the East Cheshire Hospice in a charity auction.

The auction took place at during the Winter Wonderland Ball at Mere Golf Resort & Spa on Friday 24th November. contributed a table of 10 with hospitality at the Sale Sharks vs Saracens game which will take place in February 2018.

Printerland MD Graham Vickers said, ‘It was a fantastic feeling to be able to contribute this type of event to a good cause like this. It’s great to be able to offer people a first-class experience like this with the funds going to help those at the East Cheshire Hospice.’

‘Next year will mark the 30th anniversary of the East Cheshire Hospice and we are privileged to be able to help institutions continue to provide this level of care.’

All of us at continue to wish Sale Sharks success throughout the season.


Thanks for your service... is proud to have given 50 ex-service men and women complimentary tickets to a Remembrance game against Saracens.

The free tickets were one part of a wider initiative headed by the Sharks Community Trust to better the lives of veterans by improving their physical and mental wellbeing and supporting them as they get back into employment.

Printerland MD Graham Vickers said, ‘It’s a privilege to be able to provide opportunities like this to ex-serviceman. These men and women put have put their lives on the line for us and it’s great to be able to give them something back.’

This game marks another step in the Printerland inclusiveness project which is designed to bring premiership rugby to new audiences around the Northwest.

Sale Sharks went on to beat Saracens 29-22 in the Friday night match.


Printerland Promotes Inclusiveness is pleased to have invited members of Manchester City’s powerchair football team to attend the game between Sale Sharks & Exeter Chiefs.

Also among the recipients of the free tickets were the Manchester & Liverpool Down Syndrome Group.

In addition to watching the exciting clash from the stand, the guests were also given the chance to meet Sale Sharks superstars Ben Curry & Alexandru Tarus.

Unfortunately, Sale Sharks were unable to beat Exeter in the close 6-10 result.

Printerland MD Graham Vickers said, ‘It was an absolute pleasure to be able to deliver this kind of opportunity. This event is the first ever rugby game that our guests have attended and to be able to introduce them to some of the players afterwards is a dream come true.’ continues to wish Sale Sharks all the success for the rest of the season.


Half-time Clash is pleased to have given students from Oakwood & Clare Mount schools the chance to compete in a half-time rugby game at AJ Bell Stadium.

The half-time touch rugby game took place in the 15-minute interim during the clash between Sales Sharks & Gloucester.

Spectators watched on as the budding rugby stars displayed their skills on the premiership rugby pitch.

Printerland MD Graham Vickers said, ‘It’s a privilege to be able to give the kids an opportunity like this. Playing on a premiership pitch is like a dream come true for them.’

The young fans were also treated to enjoying the full game in the stand, watching Sale beat Gloucester with a convincing 57-10 win.


The Kings of Cheshire

King’s school U14 Rugby union team have stormed to victory in the Cheshire schools Rugby Union cup, beating Stockport Grammar in the cup final.

The 20-7 win means The King’s School in Macclesfield retains their hold of the Cheshire Cup for another year.

As a reward for their outstanding success, the winning team received free tickets to Sale Sharks vs Northampton Saints courtesy of

Unfortunately, Sale Sharks could not match Kings Schools, success on the night!

Graham Vickers, Printerland MD said, ‘I couldn’t be happier for the King’s team, they displayed a fantastic calibre of Rugby during the season as well as showing true sportsmanship throughout.’


Sale Sharks Win Stings Wasps

Sale sharks stormed their way to a convincing 17-13 win against London Wasps on 05/11/16.

And the 120 free tickets given away to Wilmslow rugby club under 16’s courtesy of went down a storm!

As a prominent Sale Sharks sponsor, supplied the tickets to the junior team seating the rowdy bunch in the aptly named Printerland stand.

Sales Director Roger Turner said, ‘The atmosphere was electric, it was a terrific night for the Sharks and everyone in the Printerland stand.’

The impressive win comes just weeks after revived their sponsorship of Sale sharks for the first time in 4 years.

Graham Vickers, Managing Director of said, ‘It’s great to be back sponsoring the Sharks at the AJ Bell Stadium. Giving away tickets to younger members of the community gives these children the opportunity to witness top-flight rugby first hand. It’s a great experience for them and benefits the future generation of Sale Sharks fans.’

All of the staff at wishes Sale Sharks continued success for the rest of the season.

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