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HP Photo Paper Printer Media Reviews

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 27/8/2018

    Amazing Compact Printer (HP Sprocket Plus Photo Paper (20 Sheets))

    This is a fantastic gadget! It’s easy to set up and prints decent quality photos. They're not perfect as often the colour is off with tinges of pink, sometimes too dark, the colour accuracy leaves a bit to be desired but I feel that misses the point. These devices aren't meant to print pictures that are going to be framed and scrutinised. After downloading the free Sprocket app onto my phone I had printed off my first snap within two minutes. It is very simple to operate and prints come really fast (10 seconds). The app has an editing facility with which I can alter contrast, brightness etc and add 'stickers', frames and effects, should I wish. This is a fun and useful gadget and I am pleased with it so far.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 22/8/2018

    Excellent Quality Prints (HP Sprocket Plus Photo Paper (20 Sheets))

    This paper I have been asked to review is slightly larger than the usual micro paper printer that I have used in the past. The paper is quality and provides very good prints. I would recommend the genuine paper for use with the Sproket.

  • 4.25 ( 4.25/5) by 21/8/2018

    Innovative Photo Paper. (HP Sprocket Plus Photo Paper (20 Sheets))

    Innovative photo paper that contains no ink yet produces good quality outcomes from the Sprocket Plus portable printer. User friendly straight from the box with self adhesive backing which adds an element of fun when printing on holiday or with friends and family.

  • 4.25 ( 4.25/5) by 16/8/2018

    Paper (HP Sprocket Plus Photo Paper (20 Sheets))

    THe paper is a great idea and amazing how you do not need to worry about having to buy Ink. quick and easy to use with stick back, which allows you to use the pictures anywhere. The only cons I have of this paper, is that if it not stuck down or in an album the sides do lift off. Printing quality is dull at times and fine lines going across the pictures. I would love these to be slightly cheaper, as I would then be printing a lot more.

  • 4.50 ( 4.5/5) by 14/8/2018

    Nice quality (HP Sprocket Plus Photo Paper (20 Sheets))

    I’ve printed a variety of pictures on this paper and picture quality is very good. I was a bit sceptical with what the paper was going to be like with it being sticky backed but am pleasantly surprised! Whether you use the sticky back to stick it to things (stuck a couple of pics to my work locker) or just keep the pictures as they are, the paper is like proper photo paper for a normal printer. Very lovely quality.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 7/8/2018

    Great Sticky Paper (HP Sprocket Plus Photo Paper (20 Sheets))

    This paper is great and versatile because it prints to a high quality on a range of shots and scenery. It prints landscapes well, portraits, and customised stickers through the Sprocket App without compromising on the quality of photo taken. The pack size of 10 is a decent size but I would personally want more as having stickers as photos is pretty addictive! I have used a different brand of photo and zink camera before but this is much better as it is easily stored and not bulky so I am not worried about it breaking or getting damaged. The paper in itself is dense and the tackiness for stickers is solid and functional so prints are great to use in a sticker book, photo collage, bullet journals and personalised cards. Great product all round.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 3/8/2018

    Wow no ink (HP Sprocket Plus Photo Paper (20 Sheets))

    Love the idea of printing without having to buy expensive inks. Pack comes in 20s so does work out at 50p a print. I would like it a tad cheaper. Good quality although slightly faded picture. I think this is a great thing to come but quality needs just upped a notch to have deeper brighter colours  

  • 4.25 ( 4.25/5) by 27/7/2018

    Do what they say they will (HP Sprocket Plus Photo Paper (20 Sheets))

    Love the idea that the printer doesn't need any ink, just pop in these papers and you are good to go. These papers do what they say on the tin. The sticky back on them means that for some people they have the option to stick these maybe in collages/artwork. I have no use for that. I had no issues with colour changes to the photos or blending of ink after the photo was printed which is great.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 23/7/2018

    100% recommendable (HP Sprocket Plus Photo Paper (20 Sheets))

    Great printing quality.

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 28/6/2018

    would recommend (HP Sprocket Plus Photo Paper (20 Sheets))

    super product all together

  • 5.00 ( 5/5) by 4/10/2012

    hp pro inkjet paer (HP Professional (A3) 120g/m2 Matte Inkjet Paper (100 Sheets))

    the service i received was brilliant you even contacted me about the delivery driver could not find my home. The product is a brilliant paper and i'm glad i found you as the price of the identicle product is a lot dearer elsewhere. Please donot put your price up because of what i've said and i will buy from you again, Thank you for your service.