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Contract Free Support to Help Manage Your Printing

Wouldn't it be great if you could reduce the amount of admin and hassle associated with your day to day printing?

Well now you can....

By taking advantage of Printerland's free, no-obligation, no-contract printer monitoring software you can minimise the headaches and costs of your print output.

Let the Experts Help

Simply install our secure console within your office network and Printerland can help alert you when your toner supplies are running low, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve and order cartridges exactly when you need to, keeping you working uninterrupted before your print performance poses a problem to your business.

Our free print management software can monitor every printer on your network, whether you are an SME with a group of small office machines or a large enterprise with a huge print fleet.

By allowing Printerland visibility of your printers, you can hand the replenishment task to us so you can focus on your business and increase your productivity.

It can even help to alert you of service needs across your workgroup.

Simple & Secure

The simple dashboard shows only essential information of supplies status and service needs for your print devices. No confidential or document content is sent.

Alerts are monitored and shared over a securely hosted and encrypted service

As you can see on the screenshot below, alerts are created when your printer cartridges are running low, highlighting the problem consumable in RED.

How does it work?

Every customer purchasing a laser printer or consumables from Printerland is automatically eligible to take advantage of this service absolutely free of charge. Speak to our dedicated sales team today on 0800 840 1992 today to get started.

  • Step 1: Installation
  • Printerland will email a simple download link to you to install the software on one or more clients within your local office network.

    Alternatively, Printerland can securely install this remotely for you or we can even come to you to install it on-site where necessary.

  • Step 2: Let the Software do the Work
  • Our Software will then automatically scan for all available print devices and gather supply and service information. This is then refreshed automatically at regular intervals for new alerts.

  • Step 3: Start Receiving Alerts
  • When an alert is created, a Printerland specialist is notified and the status is assessed, ready for us to act on your behalf.

  • Step 4: Place Your Order
  • Our representative will then contact you directly to advise and give you the option of placing an order for the replacement consumable.At this point our advisors are always on hand to provide advice and suggestions to improve your print efficiency further.

    Call us Free on 0800 840 1992 for a free demonstration today

    * Please note: This software is currently only compatible with Windows operating systems
    Customer Reviews

    What our customers think...

    • 4.50 by RJMEDIA

      Great Idea

      We used to speak to Printerland 2-3 times per week to order consumables as they are needed for our large office. We can now plan ahead for our ordering as we are able to see upcoming alerts before they happen. This has cut maintenance massively for us and we always have a spare toner in the cupboard.

    • 5.00 by R Medical


      Easy to set up and we could log in and see all our printers within 10 minutes. We phoned Printerland who confirmed it for us and we placed an order with a discount for the toners that were about to empty on us. Will be using all the time now.

    • 5.00 by M Crosby

      Printer Software

      Printerland suggested we try their software to help manage our growing fleet of office printers. We seemed to always have at least one printer requiring a replacement toner but since installing this, Printerland are able to give us a heads up before the cartridge actually runs out. A great idea that works very well. Thanks

    • 5.00 by Ian Matthews

      Software Review

      Works very well. Only took 2 minutes to install this little gadget and picked up all 6 of our printers almost instantly. The best bit is it just runs in the background without any interaction from our side. We can log in and view all the printers but Printerland are usually one step ahead anyway to let us know there is a problem before we even realise there is one.

    • 5.00 by Marcel

      Nicely Done

      I'd never heard of such a thing before but anything that saves us from printer downtime is a bonus so I gave Printerland a go to see if it helps. I don't know much about installing software so Printerland helped by doing all the hard work remotely. A nice chap talked me through how it all works and now its just reporting everything back to them a few times each day. I've had a couple of calls since to explain some service errors, I even had a call to say I had a paper jam that had been left over the weekend.