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Brother PT-80 Labelling Machine Consumables

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All print speeds, running cost calculations and consumable life cycles are MANUFACTURER ESTIMATES based on 5% per page coverage. Images are used for illustration purposes only

Do you require some new tape for your Brother PT-80 printer? The Brother MK233 Non Laminated (Blue on White) tape is the one you need to produce crisp, clear labels for your everyday needs!

The Brother PT-80 Labelling Machine

The Brother PT-80 Labelling Machine is designed to make creating high-quality labels at home and in the office as easy as possible. It is small and handheld and powered by either mains or batteries (which are included), meaning that you can take this with you wherever you go for ultimate convenience.

The print speed of 7.5mm per second and the QWERTY keyboard makes typing out labels easy and fast, whilst the large LCD screen will make it clear what your label will look like once printed.

The crisp 230dpi print resolution and the range of 8 type styles (including normal, bold, outline, shadow, italic, italic bold, italic outline, italic shadow and vertical), a range of borders and the Helsinki font style will make your labels professional and clear.

The tape and its uses

The Brother MK233 Non Laminated tape is the ideal fit for the PT-80 machine. Simply slot the tape into the back of the printer and you’re off and running!

This tape measures 12mm wide by 8 metres long, allowing you to create hundreds of labels with each tape. This tape is non-laminated, which means that it is best for indoor use, where it won’t get wet. It also works best on flat, dry surfaces as it has a standard strength adhesive. Try using it to label up photo albums, folders and important documents.

Good for your wallet and the environment

The blue on white thermal printing requires no ink or toner to produce clear fonts, meaning running costs are low and it is better for the environment.

The Brother PT-80 labelling machine has an inbuilt cutter function, which cleanly cuts your labels to the exact size they need to be. As a result, wastage is low and less tape is used – saving you money and saving the environment at the same time!

Using genuine Brother tape purchased from a reputable supplier instead of a cheaper alternative will lead to a higher print yield, less damage to your machine and higher quality results - saving you lots of money in the long run.

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Running Costs

-All consumable life cycles are manufacturer estimates based on 5% coverage per A4 page