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Do You Need Printer Security?

It’s natural for a business to be concerned about their security, but many tend to lack the appropriate measures needed for keeping their printer safe.

Protecting your printer with appropriate security has previously been viewed as an unnecessary task, but considering that a huge data breach and leak of sensitive information could be inflicted if you don’t take precautions, it’s …


Make the Most of Safer Internet Day

On 10 February, the European Union is hosting this year’s Safer Internet Day, a day dedicated to ensuring all web users are protected from hackers, lurkers and privacy invaders. Targeted towards all demographics, Safer Internet Day is designed to allow everyone to enjoy the innumerate benefits of the internet without risk. Here we offer a few guidelines to help …

Companies fail to take precautions to secure the weakest link in their information infrastructure – paper


Recent well documented stories in the media have shown how easy it is to cause breaches in security by careless handling of paper documents. IT managers need to understand that not all attacks are malicious, and employees can inadvertently be involved in accidental data loss.

While millions of pounds have been spent by corporations on security networks to ensure that …