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Man adding new toner cartridge to printer

What is Printer Ghosting?

When it comes to printing professional documents within the workplace, one of the most frustrating issues that could occur comes in the form of printer ghosting. This is a problem that happens within laser printers when documents are being printed, yet the toner on the physical copy produced is much lighter in appearance and in less detail than the digital …

Why You Should Use Genuine Ink Cartridges

Some printer consumables claim to be as good as the manufacturer’s genuine cartridges. But often they do not offer the same consistency, reliability or longevity.

Laser printers offer the lowest cost per page on the market, so if you have bought one, you’ve already taken the best steps towards lower cost per page printing. These printers accept both original and …

How to Avoid a Printer Jam

Printers are some of the most essential tools for running a business. Whether its legal paperwork or the latest plans for a building, companies have the constant need to use a printer.

But have you even been in a rush when a paper jam has occurred? Read on to discover why this nightmare happens and how to avoid it.


What is a Dot Matrix Printer?

Whilst the majority of printers in the home or office utilise laser or inkjet technology, dot matrix printers continue to carve out a niche in the market for themselves and attract devoted followers. Closing in on its 50th anniversary, dot matrix technology may seem slightly crude compared to some of its more recently-innovated brethren but it’s still more than …