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More Than Half of Brits lie on CV to secure jobs

Have you ever lied on your CV to secure a job you desire?

Well it turns out that over half of UK workers have bent the truth to land a coveted job role.

Our new survey has revealed that a whopping 55% of workers have either fibbed or withheld important information when completing either a CV or job application form.…

Why are Dot Matrix Printers Ideal for Businesses?

What is a dot matrix printer?

A dot matrix printer is a type of printer that prints by impact of pins striking up and down on an ink ribbon, rather like a traditional typewriter. Dot matrix printers can produce characters by creating a series of dots, which are closely spaced together.

Read on to discover why this older style of …

The Benefits of Large Format Printing for Businesses

When it comes to printing documents and materials for your business, you may be looking for a new machine that enables digital files to be printed at a larger size.

Large format printers come in a variety of different sizes, with A3 being the most popular, and allow you to create bigger documents that don’t compromise on colour or quality.…