Genuine Xerox Rewards

Make your printing more rewarding with Genuine Xerox Rewards

How do Reward Points work?

Genuine Xerox Rewards, which means you can get reaping the benefits of this program in seconds. Each time you register eligible Xerox Equipment or supplies, you’ll earn more points that can get you amazing rewards. Every pound you spend on a supplies item earns you one reward point, whereas every printer or multifunction printer you register earns you 500 points. Claim points for supplies of equipment that you either own or manage, and that are registered with the program. The supplies you buy for non-xerox equipment get a fixed point value regardless of the price, and if you purchased an item with a discount you are still eligible for full point value.

To register as an individual or as a business click here.

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Redeem Points or Save

Xerox have created this program in order to ensure that you are rewarded no matter how much you spend on toner and ink.You can redeem point balances for a huge range of exciting rewards such as music, cinema tickets, books, gift cards, video games, home entertainment, electronics and travel. Even better than this is the fact that all shipping costs are included in the displayed point values, applicable taxes will be included using points and only one supplies item you have purchased is needed to be registered before you can start claiming your rewards.

Plus, with Genuine Xerox Rewards, your points will never expire as long as you remain active in the program.

Example Rewards

  • For those thrill seekers Xerox offer a tantalising price, the opportunity to claim the drive of your life in a Audi R8 vs Lamborghini day. This priceless experience is yours for only 211,000 points.
  • Now you can spend on necessary office equipment with Xerox, whilst also gaining points to go towards an Apple MacBook PRO 256GB 15" Display with Retina for just 208,800 points!
  • Record your memories and keep them with you forever with a Sony HD Action Camcorder , simply save up 24,600 points and get recording.
  • For a small 1,600 points, Xerox will provide a superb quality bottle of wine by rewarding their customers with a Virgin Wines Voucher.
  • Eligible Xerox Equipment

    Benefits for Your Business

    Included in the range of outstanding rewards for your lifestyle such a millions of music downloads,retail products and leisure travel are Xerox's handpicked rewards just for your business. What do these include? Such invaluable rewards such as office equipment, gift cards, priceless employee recognition, business travel and even charitable contributions are all included in the list of incredible rewards you can start claiming today.