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Xerox Hi-Cap Yellow Toner Cartridge (2,500 Pages) in More Detail

Hi-Cap Yellow Toner Cartridge (2,500 Pages) for Xerox Phaser 6500, WorkCentre 6505 Printers.

The Xerox Hi-Cap Yellow Toner Cartridge is compatible with a wide range of Xerox printers including the Phaser 6500 models and the WorkCentre 6505 models. The rich, high-clarity tones of the print cartridge make it possible to produce high definition prints – ideal for a range of professional and domestic settings.

Capable of printing up to 2,500 pages before a replacement cartridge is necessitated – the toner cartridge can help support environments which require a significant volume of printing jobs. The yellow markings on the external body of the cartridge makes it incredibly simple to identify during the removal and replacement process and the single colour standard of Xerox cartridges ensures a lower volume of ink is wasted.

Utilising their years of inkjet printing experience, Xerox has created the Hi-Cap Yellow Toner Cartridge (2,500 Pages) (106R01596) to produce prints of the highest possible quality. From the first page to the last, the cartridge’s print output will never be compromised. Ideal for use in the home or in the office, the cartridge utilises cutting edge ink delivery systems for greater print quality.

Designed to work with the Phaser 6500, WorkCentre 6505 models, the Hi-Cap Yellow Toner Cartridge (2,500 Pages) (106R01596) offers long-lasting inkjet support. Working intuitively and effectively with your printer’s ink delivery system, the cartridge helps you create beautiful print outs – whether you are using the printer in the home or in a professional work environment.

Inkjet printers continue to be the most popular type of printers for consumers. With their high levels of reliability, simplicity of use and capacity for high quality print outs; inkjet printing continues to be heavily utilised in the home and the small office. The Hi-Cap Yellow Toner Cartridge (2,500 Pages) (106R01596) can help you continue inkjet printing jobs for longer, offering great support for your printer.

For inkjet printers in the home or in a professional environment, perhaps the greatest benefit is the lower ongoing costs attached to investing in replacements and consumables. Helping you better control your print overheads, the Hi-Cap Yellow Toner Cartridge (2,500 Pages) (106R01596) will never compromise the quality of the printed product on a budget.

Using our extensive in-house and manufacturer training, the Printerland team are able to offer impartial advice and guidance. If we believe there is a better-suited product than the Hi-Cap Yellow Toner Cartridge (2,500 Pages) (106R01596) after you place an order, we will endeavour to contact you with the alternatives and help you amend the order should you choose to do so.

Detailed Specification


Compatible Printers 6500 6505

Barcodes & Labels

Barcode 0095205849752


Carton Dimensions (W)7cm (H)5cm (L)20cm weight: 0.14kg
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All consumable life cycles are MANUFACTURER ESTIMATES based on 5% per page coverage. Images are used for illustration purposes only

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-All consumable life cycles are manufacturer estimates based on 5% per page coverage